Foods from Rainbow Foods

2009 Nov 17
I used to get my mother to drive me here as a kid from Barrhaven to get the vegetarian samosas, and tofu battered squares. Bought my first 'fair trade' coffee beans from this place haha.

They have a great section full of bulk baking supplies, nuts, carob, and everything else you need under one roof.

If you have a question there is usually staff around happy to help.


2009 Feb 28
They offer the Vegetable Better Than Bouillon in the "spice" section. Look down low, next to the Marmite. A jar goes for $8.99 and the ingredients look very promising!

2007 Dec 24
While cleaning up the bills from my wallet, I just found the bill from Rainbow. Oh yes, I almost forgot the Francesco coffee I bought from Rainbow. It was my first time to try out Francesco coffee (I bought their French Roast beans). The coffee smell spread very well in my kitchen. The price is $34.99 per kg.

I also bought some organic soy beans ($3.22/kg) there to make fresh soy milk.

2006 Sep 19
It isn't an easy ingredient to find, but Rainbow Foods has it! Look for plastic bags of malt extract up on a shelf in the bulk foods section of the store.


2006 Sep 19
They have it in the bulk section and it seems fresh. Excellent bread to be made from it!