Restaurant and pasta shop, including prepared bake-at-home lasagne. They also offer gluten-free pastas.

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Zolas Restaurant
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2012 Jun 14
It had been 5-6yrs since I had been in Zola's. My last experience being less than satisfactory. We went back today for my son's after-grad meal. What a disappointment. I figured that I couldn't go wrong with the lasagna. It's such a basic staple at "fine" Italian eateries. Well I figured wrong.
It arrived and I did a double take... never having seen a lasagna quite like this before. The "slice" of cheese that someone tossed on it was just slightly melted and... it was cold. Huh? Then it occurred to me. The cheese didn't have that characteristic brown bubbling that you would expect. They took it away to warm it... and then horror of horrors... I watch them toss it into a microwave. HUH? I waited.
When it returned, I asked if the lasagna had been baked before being served to me. Indeed sir, it had. Earlier this afternoon!!! Then we spoon some sauce on it and top it off with some cheese before nuking it. Unbelievable. The server actually argued with me when I told her that I don't expect this from Zola's. They thought this to be perfectly acceptable. I cut into it and it was layers and layers of gooey thick pasta. I think I found one layer of cheese and a few grams of meat in the sauce. I could only stomach half of the dish.
When a different server asked if I was taking the rest home, I told her that I had to in order to see if I could do something to it to actually make it edible. She was also surprised when I expressed my concerns about their microwave approach. At least she apologized. Unfortunately she was sorry that I was disappointed…. not sorry for the crap that they tried to pass off as lasagna. She did offer to bring me something else… but by then the other 16 in our party were done. I passed.
Final indignity. They charged me for the lasagna. What a class-less joint.

If you’re looking for good lasagna, try Fratelli’s in Kanata…. or if that’s too pricey, M&Ms or President’s Choice will both satisfy you more than Zola’s.

2011 Jul 19
We have been going to Zolas for about three years now. We started going due to the fact they have a wide range of Gluten Free menu items. My favourite is the rosemary crust pizza, topped with calamato olives, baby spinach, and panchetta ham and then they sprinkle fresh spigs of rosemary. In addition I ordered the fresh Arugula salad; simple but delicious, tossed with a dijon and balsamic dressing, parmesan and served with a parmesan chip. For dessert I had their famous three layered chocolate mousse cake.

The sevice is always very good, the staff make you feel like family, and it is always a pleasure to dine there.

Our son is equally satisfied (he's 10 and does not have any gluten issues). He loves the fresh samolina rolls and can get his penne pasta just the way he likes it.

2010 Sep 25
We come here once in a while, mostly because it isn't too far from our house and our son and daughter's favourite foods are, respectively, pizza and pasta.

I usually have some kind of pasta, but this time I opted for the Italian Smoked Meat Pizza, which turned out to be a little too meaty/greasy, a little too salty, and a little too doughy for my taste. We were also somewhat horrified to find that our side Caesar salads (~$3 extra) were embedded between two halves of the pizza. The resulting quip was, "I was expected a side salad, not an inside salad." The salad itself was terribly oily, with some croutons tasting as though they'd been soaked for a while.

They always have a couple of specials posted on their chalkboard, but be warned that these seem to cost $5-$10 more than their regular main dishes. The sneaky thing is that they don't actually list or tell you the prices unless you specifically ask.

Service is always friendly and water is refilled as needed.

2010 May 14
Yesterday we went to Zola's, a restaurant of modern Italian cuisine, in Bell's Corners at 194 Robertson Road. It seemed to be a slow night (yikes, its Thursday!) and so we had our pick of the tables.

Only one appetizer tonight. Caesar Salad ($7.50). It is a regular pick and did not disappoint. Nice lemon, garlic, cheese zing.

The mains were:
Chicken with gorgonzola cream sauce topped with pine nuts and served with vegetables and roast potatoes. ($19.50)
Penne with pan seared calabrese sausage in a spicy tomato sauce. ($16.95)
Whole wheat angel hair pasta with mushrooms, scallops, shrimp and spinach in a light Pernod broth. ($19.50)

Gorgonzola sauce great! Vegetables, plain and healthy. Potatoes didn't do it for me. Too much herb mix on them. Not roasted enough. The penne was well received and the angel hair pasta was 'fine'.

We were given some buns and butter to start. Their buns are a real standout. They are baked fresh every day with the finest Semolina flour and they are available in white or whole wheat.

I wished that there had been room for dessert as they are usually pretty yummy.

Over the past 15 years we seem to get the same server and she is just great!!

Zola's has been around now for what, 20 years plus? I agree with someone else's comment that it may be a good idea to consider a makeover just to get it back in the game. We have been regulars for 15 years (not so much the last 5 since we moved) and I would like to see it have a some more great years since Bell's Corners doesn't have a lot of choices in nicer dining.

If you are interested, you can read my blog and see pictures at:

2010 Feb 21
I reccommend the prosciutto and mushroom pasta dish!
And yes, the dinner rolls are indeed addicting.

2009 Dec 28
Tried this restaurant tonight for the first time, I would probably not return. The dinner roles were good. We ordered the anti pasto plate and I found it awful, my partner found it just okay. One of the meats tasted like pure cigarette ash. I have to say I did not like the artichoke salad at all. I ordered angel hair pasta with shrimp and scallops. The shrimp was over-cooked and tough, and the sauce tased like Zambuca alcohol, it was awful I couldn't even finish it. The pasta was also over-cooked and soggy. The service was friendly but slow.

2009 Jan 12
ZOLA`s - The Restaurant

After our previous 2008 experience, we decided to give them another try back in November... thinking that perhaps our visit earlier in the year was a "hiccup" seeing as we were there on a Holiday.

This visit was a Friday Night. The place was fairly busy, and although we didn`t have a reservation the wait was short.

After seating us, the waitress took our drink order (we ordered a bottle of white wine), and left us with the menus, and a list of the daily specials.

She came back a short while later with the bottle of wine and a basket of their famous Semolina Dinner Rolls (white & brown) and took our orders.

I chose to begin with their Artichoke Sesame Seed Salad which has been a signature item of theirs since the restaurant opened... I love this dish. "The Man" chose Zola`s Famous Coconut Shrimp... five shrimp Muskoka Beer battered and coated in sweet coconut and served with a pineapple curry sauce. "The Man" said it was excellent.

For our mains, we both chose the same thing from the Daily Specials... Whole Wheat Pasta with Seafood & Chicken in a Gargonzola Cream Sauce. We both thought it was delicious... and way too much, we both ended up taking home leftovers.

We finished up dinner with a Coffee and a Cappuccino.

Overall everything was excellent, far better than our visit earlier in 2008. The only thing that was a tad disappointing is I found the white dinner rolls to be a wee bit dry on the outside (like they`d been sitting out on the counter for too long)... the brown ones however were ok.

We both agreed we`d be willing to return again in 2009.

2008 May 27
ZOLA's - The Restaurant

Zola's is a 20 year old westend Restaurant, Pasta Shop and Take-Out Spot (they also do Catering).

We had dinner here at the end of the long weekend. It’s been a year or so since I last ate in the restaurant (I usually buy from the Pasta Shop). They were somewhat busy (considering a lot of places were closed for the Holiday), we had to wait a few minutes to be seated, because they looked short-staffed (again the Holiday), and their staff was doing double-duty in the Dining Room and the Pasta Shop / Take-Out area.

Our server was very friendly, and immediately brought water and menus. She also seemed to know the menu quite well (it is much smaller now than I remember) and made food suggestions.

There are a few things that I’ve always loved at Zolas, and their homemade Semolina Dinner Rolls would be one, the other is their Artichoke Sesame Seed Salad. Both of these Zola Signature items have not changed (Thank Goodness), but on this recent visit it sure looked like a lot of other things had. The restaurant is looking a little on the tired side, everything from the menus to the décor a little worn.

We decided to order a bottle of Chianti, and while it was breathing, indulge in their Antipasto Plate. The generous portion included: Italian Ham, Slices of Feta Cheese, Sundried Tomatoes, Greek Salad, Artichoke Sesame Seed Salad, and some Olives. The food was tasty (except for the Italian Ham which was somewhat tough). The warm Dinner Rolls that arrived along side we dipped in a wonderful herbed olive oil (a bottle graces each table) and also used to sop up every last bit of their Artichoke Sesame Seed Salad. Yummy!

For our mains, we both selected the Daily Special – Angel Hair Pasta with BBQ Pork & Shrimps in Aioli Sauce. Shortly after taking our order the server returned to say they were out of BBQ Pork, and would we like to make another selection, or the kitchen could substitute the BBQ Pork with Mussels… we decided to go with that option.

The bowls of Pasta arrived with a fair amount of seafood on top of the perfectly cooked pasta, but unfortunately the sauce left something to be desired. I found the dish very oily and towards the end, just overpowering. Good thing there was Chianti to wash away my worries! I was disappointed because for me Zola’s has always had excellent sauces to offer.

Based on this visit, Zola’s Pasta Shop appears to be the cornerstone of the operation, after 20 years in business the Restaurant needs a makeover (and probably more than just a cosmetic one). Take-out is what they seem to do best. Everything from those famous Dinner Rolls, Pasta, Sauces, and Decadent Desserts (we couldn’t resist, we took a piece of the Pecan Torte to go).

Our eat-in experience was just OK (could have been an off day considering The Holiday). Dinner (including Wine and Dessert) before Taxes & Tip was $ 85 (they are in the Entertainment Book and offer coupons in various publications).


2008 May 27
Semolina Dinner Rolls
A Zola's Signature Item

Mark is absolutely right their Semolina Dinner Rolls are OUTSTANDING, and ADDICTIVE! They are available in both White and Whole Wheat and can be purchased by the dozen or the half-dozen in the Pasta Shop (Go for it, buy a dozen, let me tell you one bite and you'll have no problem eating them all).

2006 Sep 18
I can't really explain why I like the bread here so much, since it isn't the chewy crusty kind that I usually prefer. The rolls are kind of moist and very fresh.. so good with a little butter!


2009 Nov 26
If I'm in the Kanata/Bell's Corners area I usually order take out from Zolas and I'm always sure to have their cesar salad.

The dressing isn't the typical creamy dressing. You can taste the anchovies and garlic, lots of parmesan cheese, and they give you a slice of lemon too. It's just... perfect.

2008 May 27
Artichoke Sesame Seed Salad
A Zola's Signature Item

I love artichokes, and this creamy salad is one of the best ways I've ever had them prepared. Totally ADDICTIVE! And the good news is you can also buy it as take-out from Zola's Pasta Shop.





2012 Jul 31
Bcheese, if not for the pic, I might be inclined to believe you.

2012 Jul 30
Zola's shills: please don't force me to compensate for these overly positive reviews by posting my own review of the dismal breakfast I had at Zola's a couple months ago. ;-(

2012 Jul 30
Amazing, delicious and unique poutine making Zola's porchetta poutine my favorite and number 1 choice in ottawa.

2012 Jul 29
Zolas Porchetta Poutine topped with a fried egg is truly unbelievably unique and one of the best in Ottawa...Yummay!!