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2010 Aug 20
Passed by 375 McArthur today and didn't see anything, phone # goes to full voice-mail... does anyone have a status update about Yres new location?

2010 May 21
I just walked pasted the old YRE's and there is a sign in the window. YRE IS COMING BACK!!! The new address will be 375 Mcarthur and it will open in July. HURRAY, YRE's is not gone for good.

Time for a celebration!

2010 May 18
There's a new African restaurant on St. Joseph Blvd in Hull called Poulet DG that offers wood grilled chicken, sounds a lot like what Yre's used to offer. If you're looking for a fix give it a shot. I thought it was incredibly delicious. It's near the Montclair Blvd intersection.

2010 May 16
I pray to the foodiegods, it re-opens somewhere else
while I can duplicate the seasonings the wood he used is beyond me

2010 May 6
this is a huge blow to Ottawa BBQ

2010 May 6
Dear Ottawa Foodies, I am sad to announce that Yre's BBQ Chicken is no more. What a shame, I tried it for the first time last Thursday. Walking by the joint this morning there was a sign on the door indicating the landlord has changed the locks and the building will be demolished.

The register, tables etc etc are all gone. I hope that Yre finds another location, but I'm also very happy that I was able to sample that amazing chicken - at least once. Hopefully some of you out there at least tried this amazing chicken before may 3rd.

R.I.P. Yre's BBQ, but I hope it's not so long. hahaha. sounds cheesy, but it was damn good chicken. :(

2010 Apr 30
To repeat the sentiments of other Ottawa foodies, its the best chicken in Ottawa. Let me give you the run down. They use small chickens so you need at least a half chicken dinner for one person.

Skip the sides, you can make those at home, unless you really like plantain -in that case its more than decent. But rice and couscous, meh.

*The chicken*.... Its pretty much the tastiest thing in the world. Perfectly crisp, just spicy enough, seasoned with piri-piri, some kind of acidic stuff and a whole pile of mystery spices, not dissimilar to a classic blackened chicken rub. And the taste of dirty ol charcoal, you CANNOT beat it.

I was a bit intimidated ordering here, but don't be, the cook/server or maybe that is Yre himself is quite friendly. Look, to be totally honest, it has taken me years to summon up the courage to eat here. It doesn't look appealing, its not even that clean - but honestly what is there to worry about. If your going to eat chicken (which is essentially your only option at Yre's), the bird has just been practically scorched in flame, so meh - just go for it.

If your looking for somthing other than swiss chalet and st hubart -(which are corperate restaurents which employ amateurs as cooks - although there is nothing wrong with these places), check out YRE's. It's a small business that serves up a great product. Just Try it!

1/5 for presentation/location/"cleanliness", 2/5 for side dishes, 5/5 for the best darn chicken in Ottawa

2009 Dec 21
This really is the best chicken I have ever had!

Friday night:
- friends and I meet at Yres Chicken (two of us are first timers)
- we place our order (each person: 1/2 chicken $7 plus side order of plaintain $6)
- we sit and wait for our order
That's it, that's all.

I think we waited at least a good half hour. They cook the chicken upon order, nothing is pre-prepared. We huddled in our winter coats (temperature inside is comparable to outside) chatting and not rushing the bounty we are about to receive.

The chicken is cooked with these glorious spices and is bbq-ed to perfection! One has to taste it for themselves.

The plantain were so good! I love plantain and they are definitely generous with the side portion (a medium-sized styrofoam container). Golden medallions of yumminess. Fried but not greasy at all.

This place only accepts cash. We were also told "no change" as we tried to pay separately. So we we readily handed over our $40 for our $39 order (3 people = $13 each for 1/2 chicken each plus plantain -- a real bargain!).

2009 Apr 23
Read about Yre's on the internet, I wanted to try it out, but was scared it had closed because it was mentioned by some to be closing due to condo construction a few years ago. I had been past once and it looked closed, but then on another trip saw an 'open' sign.

I arrived at 1:45 for a late lunch, only to have Yre's (himself?) inform me they didn't actually open until 2pm. He took my order for a 1/2 chicken ($7) and told me it would be 1 hour. I had read it takes a while to prepare from others, but I figured if they were just opening, I'd be able to get something right away.

Walking back after 1 hour, I could smell the charcoal BBQ a block away! I was presented with my half chicken, and not wanting to dine in the dingy dining room, I walked to a nearby park to enjoy.

It smelled wonderful, was fall-off-the-bone, smokey, and very very good. I had ordered very spicy, but I found it mild in heat, but full of spice flavour. It was a small chicken, but it was definetely tasty. If you are willing to wait, this is some excellent chicken.

My camera is having issues, so I couldn't post pictures. Their menu and info is on the back of their business card:

Sun-Thurs: 14:00-22:00
Fri-Sat: 14:00-23:00

Whole Chicken:

1/2 Chicken: $7
Plantain: $6
Couscous: $6
Rice: $6
1/4 Chicken w/Plantain:$7
1/4 Chicken w/Plantain: $7

2006 Sep 22
This guy is the bomb. Special spices and perfectly cooked chicken that doesn't fail to satisfy. The limp wedge fries are a poor attempt unfortunately. But go for the chicken.

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2008 Feb 10
This place is exactly what one craves in the winter. A delicious, char-grilled whole chicken with a side order of plantains. Unpretentious delectable food.
Just walking into this place, you know the chicken will be great - the inviting smell that lingers is enough to make you return.
I ordered ahead and my chicken was ready to go when I arrived. Note: they accept cash only.

2007 Dec 12
The chicken is unreal. Cooked perfectly, and the jerk spice is just right for heat and taste. You can get them to crank up the heat if you want it.

The couscous is ok, and the fried plantain are delicious. I have had some issues getting food in a timely manner, calling ahead and then sitting around for about 30 minuites... and i have trouble communicating with the staff, (i dont speak french) but with the help of some pointing and gesturing i was fine. Great stuff. Cooked over REAL charcoal


2009 Jul 12
best spicy fried plaintain you can find in an Ottawa restaurant...guaranteed.