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 Quick Resto help  General 102010 Jan 29Terry
 Valentine's Dinner  General 62010 Jan 27Food&Think
 Looking for the best Sacher Torte  General 52010 Jan 27sourdough
 restaurant closures?  General 292010 Jan 27treqx
 Restaurant Montreal  General 12010 Jan 26KissMyApron
 Good joke about North American fast food  General 32010 Jan 26Food&Think
 High quality, solid wood cutting boards - where to find?  General 242010 Jan 26Momomoto
 caterer in smith falls area?  General 22010 Jan 26sourdough
 100 mile diet  General 82010 Jan 24Food&Think
 Ocean Wise  General 02010 Jan 24bdm
 Vegan Bread? and suggestions for Vegan party dishes  General 332010 Jan 24warby
 For fun, two food items that pair well together.  General 422010 Jan 23proulx
 Are we too stupid to cook?  General 02010 Jan 22zymurgist
 Do you have any foodie resolutions?  General 262010 Jan 21sourdough
 is "being busy" an excuse?  General 272010 Jan 20F.W.C
 Chiken wings  General 112010 Jan 20Bobby Fillet
 New GMO Corn research  General 102010 Jan 15Pete-In-Ottawa
 hazelnut uses?  General 92010 Jan 15AMR
 family restaurants??  General 152010 Jan 14asanchez
 Cold smoking in the winter  General 142010 Jan 14Eastcoast.chef
 Sausage Casings  General 142010 Jan 13ed
 Saturday Heritage/Scotch Irish Brewery Tours  General 62010 Jan 12itchy feet
 Restaurant etiquette for using coupons  General 112010 Jan 12FEEL MY SERPENTINE
 Steakhouse recommendation?  General 102010 Jan 11sourdough
 Food to Sneak Into The Movies  General 252010 Jan 10Ottawana
 New Member Just Saying HI  General 32010 Jan 8zymurgist
 Suckling Pig?  General 142010 Jan 8zymurgist
 Opinions on Magic Bullet?  General 132010 Jan 8zymurgist
 Heat Diffuser for Cast Iron on Ceramic Cooktop?  General 142010 Jan 8Food&Think
 Vegetarian Atelier?  General 132010 Jan 7Kombu
 Wedding at Lago - Vista Room  General 32010 Jan 6monty
 shopping for winter veg?  General 62010 Jan 4Chimichimi
 Best place for scallops?  General 132010 Jan 4Woten
 Tim Tams  General 112010 Jan 4Food&Think
 Looking for a few things (duck fat, veal broth, gravy)  General 22010 Jan 2live4food
 Rabbit for the slow cooker  General 02010 Jan 2Ken V
 Tipping on Take-Out  General 122010 Jan 2proulx
 Post Your Christmas Menu!  General 362010 Jan 2live4food
 Need a friendly recommendation  General 92010 Jan 2Pan Bagnat