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 Where are you going for the holidays? (Restaurant-edition)  General 372009 Dec 30Barb
 Hair in Water/Food  General 112009 Dec 26monkey feet
 Halogens in Food - Buyer Beware  General 32009 Dec 26Icecream
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 Fresh figs for Christmas?  General 12009 Dec 24lady who brunches
 Ottawa Citizen article on the Golden Palace  General 82009 Dec 22Momomoto
 Best Take Home Tourtiere?  General 292009 Dec 21Chimichimi
 Desert Wine  General 02009 Dec 21Woten
 Underground restaurants / gourmet food circles / clubs  General 172009 Dec 21Woten
 Truffles...Where to get them?  General 22009 Dec 20medicinejar
 duck confit  General 32009 Dec 19Chimichimi
 Online photo sharing sites  General 62009 Dec 19Momomoto
 Heinz baby food alert  General 152009 Dec 16Icecream
 Power failure  General 42009 Dec 16Food&Think
 Gourmet Magazine gone...  General 02009 Dec 16FEEL MY SERPENTINE
 Lansdowne Live  General 242009 Dec 16zymurgist
 zataar  General 52009 Dec 15Chimichimi
 House of Parliament Beer?  General 22009 Dec 15Downtown Diner
 Ceramic Pans  General 42009 Dec 14smartcookie
 Emergency - The Disappearing Caterer  General 172009 Dec 14mark_ottawa
 2010 Entertainment Book  General 42009 Dec 14Qster
 LF: Shortbread pan  General 122009 Dec 14hipfunkyfun
 The best dish you've had in Ottawa recently....  General 192009 Dec 12Momomoto
 WANTED : toaster oven with rotisserie  General 72009 Dec 10Chimichimi
 I smell a rat - can no longer butcher own meat  General 32009 Dec 9Mers
 Resealing home bottles  General 82009 Dec 9Niall
 Waiting to be seated...  General 32009 Dec 7lady who brunches
 What to do with horsemeat?  General 122009 Dec 6schtickyrice
 grrr... bah humbug  General 112009 Dec 6chef Obi
 Char Broil Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer - $50 @ Wal Mart  General 02009 Dec 5monty
 toddler meal ideas  General 222009 Dec 5winelover
 Gjetost or lefse in Ottawa  General 42009 Dec 5TeaFan
 Real wasabi?  General 12009 Dec 4Icecream
 Thinking about making a major career change...  General 232009 Dec 4vorpal
 Shady Green Egg  General 122009 Dec 3Icecream