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 Rent a chef for 2?  General 112008 Jul 31lady who brunches
 Not specifically a foodie event, but....  General 22008 Jul 29lady who brunches
 Orleans fish markets?  General 32008 Jul 29Captain Caper
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 b goods at the main street market?  General 12008 Jul 29lady who brunches
 Food gossip..  General 102008 Jul 28Captain Caper
 Wine Tasting Notes.  General 112008 Jul 28Nanook
 Ottawa Tourism  General 02008 Jul 26Food&Think
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 Cake wrecks  General 72008 Jul 23Food&Think
 Waving Chefs...  General 112008 Jul 23Pasta lover
 Engaging Places  General 102008 Jul 22tre
 Culinary Arts  General 102008 Jul 21Food&Think
 On-line Reservations  General 142008 Jul 21Food&Think
 Restaurant Coupons  General 52008 Jul 21antifillers
 Ops......Budwiser goes Belgian.....!!  General 282008 Jul 20Orleansfoodie
 Tell me about my "found wine"!  General 72008 Jul 16Orleansfoodie
 Beer for dogs  General 12008 Jul 16Inkling
 Vacation Food  General 32008 Jul 14Food&Think
 more pet peeves  General 42008 Jul 14zymurgist
 Chatty Customers  General 92008 Jul 11Food&Think
 Moving to Ottawa  General 62008 Jul 11Mousseline
 Gordon Ramsey kitchenware  General 22008 Jul 11Food&Think
 This Crossword Cooks  General 02008 Jul 11Food&Think
 Seeking supersized Waffle maker for 4 waffles  General 62008 Jul 11sushifan
 Customers From Hell  General 82008 Jul 10Harveyshideout
 Help me find sardines?  General 72008 Jul 10Saurian
 Starbucks closes 600 franchises in the US  General 82008 Jul 9Chimichimi
 Should we make public the results of restaurant inspections?  General 102008 Jul 8warby
 pulled pork  General 112008 Jul 7foodntravel
 where to buy asafoetida?  General 82008 Jul 5flyfish
 Restaurant suggestion  General 52008 Jul 5monty
 Canning kettles  General 272008 Jul 4flyfish
 kitchen reno  General 42008 Jul 4flyfish
 Papaya Salad (Dum Mak Hoong)  General 102008 Jul 3Food&Think
 del monte  General 252008 Jul 3itchy feet
 GPS Tips and Tricks  General 32008 Jul 2warby