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 Dead mouse found in block of cheese  General 52008 Oct 31Captain Caper
 Where to buy Cannelini or Great Northern Beans  General 132008 Oct 31sugarbrown
 Ottawa Magazine - Chris Knight's Top Ten  General 92008 Oct 31bdm
 Local lamb  General 52008 Oct 28zymurgist
 Local Pork  General 42008 Oct 28Tracinho
 Melamine in Halloween Candy - anyone worried?  General 52008 Oct 28zymurgist
 Inventory of the Canned Goods  General 32008 Oct 27zymurgist
 Indian Grocers?  General 112008 Oct 27Food&Think
 LCBO - Vintages Wine Releases  General 62008 Oct 27Food&Think
 Cheap tallow? making suet cakes  General 22008 Oct 27Peter
 Sugar Skulls  General 22008 Oct 26Chimichimi
 Porcini Season  General 02008 Oct 26Chimichimi
 Restaurant recommendation for Dining alone  General 102008 Oct 23Hiddencharms
 Canadian cuisine  General 262008 Oct 22Moscovite
 fishing for dried tiny anchovies  General 12008 Oct 21itchy feet
 Fall Foliage and Food  General 52008 Oct 21jpdaigle
 Clos Jordanne  General 202008 Oct 21bdm
 Chili Contest  General 22008 Oct 21zymurgist
 On the hunt for pickled mussels  General 02008 Oct 21Peter
 Frog Salad  General 22008 Oct 19monty
 looking for simple catering  General 32008 Oct 18AMR
 Just strange - corpse kebab anyone?  General 42008 Oct 16Captain Caper
 "European" store near the Dutch Grocery?  General 12008 Oct 13warby
 High-quality butter (farmer's?)  General 12008 Oct 13Chimichimi
 Where is everyone sourcing your turkey for thanksgiving?  General 162008 Oct 13karey
 Tonkatsu?  General 62008 Oct 11TeaFan
 Ottawa Magazine - 2009 Dining Guide  General 152008 Oct 9My Mom's a Foodie
 CHEO's Dream Kitchen  General 22008 Oct 9Food&Think
 He's Baaack! (Vardy)  General 52008 Oct 8Momomoto
 French Baker news  General 172008 Oct 7Mousseline
 Foodie Nightmares  General 02008 Oct 6zymurgist
 Coffee Shop Start UP Guide  General 72008 Oct 2BakingBombshell
 big ol' Newfoundland scoff!  General 352008 Oct 1Captain Caper