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 Have you seen this knife block?  General 72007 Oct 31monty
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 Food prices set for sharp rise  General 22007 Oct 22zymurgist
 Contrast in dining in Ottawa and in Europe  General 62007 Oct 20mr. red
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 Recommendations for Sweet Grass Aboriginal Bistro  General 02007 Oct 19medicinejar
 Ironstone grill?  General 02007 Oct 18Jacolis
 Hunters and Gatherers..  General 82007 Oct 18flyfish
 $100 off Kitchen Aid Mixer at Costco  General 102007 Oct 18flyfish
 Where to buy tobiko for sushi?  General 12007 Oct 18Kombu
 Kid Friendly Restaurant  General 112007 Oct 18AmberPT
 Fresh Olives  General 142007 Oct 17hipfunkyfun
 LF : anniversary recommendation  General 92007 Oct 17N8
 Izze sodas  General 82007 Oct 15parsnip
 Jean Talon Market  General 42007 Oct 14Jmack
 i'm a coffee snob!  General 142007 Oct 14zymurgist
 Interesting article on one of the co-owners of Bryson Farms  General 22007 Oct 11warby
 Importing Foodie Things From The USA  General 22007 Oct 11Kristl
 In the News : Chemistry of Good Taste  General 02007 Oct 10zymurgist
 Article on Kobe Beef in today's G&M  General 102007 Oct 10medicinejar
 pizza zone on wellington  General 22007 Oct 10zymurgist
 Favorite Food Memory  General 12007 Oct 7MelodySoul
 Coffee  General 202007 Oct 5Kristl
 Butter  General 172007 Oct 4RKEM
 Capital Fish Market in Gatineau (Hull)?  General 02007 Oct 3medicinejar
 black vinegar  General 02007 Oct 3hipfunkyfun
 Wholesale Fish Market Ltd.  General 42007 Oct 3Inkling
 Where Should I Go for Oktoberfest?  General 32007 Oct 2zymurgist
 Soup Nazi & Chef Bento at A&P!  General 22007 Oct 2X-13D