Opening Soon... 2020! [Food/Vendor]

2020 Jan 3
Gyubee Japanese Grill will be opening on Dalhousie between York and Clarence. They're a Toronto-based franchise offering AYCE tabletop cooking on wire mesh grills.

I'm excited about wire mesh grills because thinner grill bars interfere less with radiant heat transfer (grilling). Somewhat ironically, significant grill marks are a symptom of suboptimal grilling conditions involving too much conductive heat transfer.

2020 Jan 4
German Doner Kebab opening soon at 272 Elgin Street (beside Ministry of Coffee).

Appears a UK-based franchise and new to NA.
"...and can be consumed day or night." Good to know. :)

2020 Jan 4
About Doner... I only recently learned (see video below) that the correct pronunciation of the word in Turkish is more like DUH-ner (not doh-NAIR). The German "Döner" aligns well with the Turkish pronunciation.

So if you care about food pronunciation (see also: Bruschetta and Spätzle), say DUH-ner! 😉

2020 Jan 5
Real Fruit Bubble Tea opening soon in the Rideau Centre

2020 Jan 5
According to reddit Toronto restaurant The Burgers Priest will be opening a location in Ottawa. Apparently it will be opening at Bank and Heron where the KFC used to be.

2020 Jan 5
Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta to Go, a Venice-based pasta franchise with locations in Barcelona and Toronto plans to open at 8 ByWard Market Square in January 2020.

2020 Jan 5
YESSSSS! A pasta place in my stomping ground is the best news I've heard yet! The pasta at La Bottega is awesome but having a whole store full of fresh pasta is awesome news.

2020 Jan 5
"Pasta lover:

According to reddit Toronto restaurant The Burgers Priest will be opening a location in Ottawa."

Oh thank God!

2020 Jan 8
Spark Beer is now open. No food available yet but that will be coming soon. The beer is very very good. On Somerset in Chinatown between Arthur and Cambridge.

2020 Jan 10
The old Mandaloon resturant which is at the corner of Industrial and Russel Road has been sold to the people who own Cedar's bought it and it is going to be a roadhouse soon.

I live in the the area (Riverview Park) and this could be awesome. People may recall that Mandaloon was sketchy and there was a shooting there years ago and it's been vacant since.

2020 Jan 10
You use 'roadhouse' why? opposed to shawarma/Lebanese restaurant, which would be consistent with what they do at Cedars.

2020 Jan 10
..because they told my wife it was going to be a roadhouse.

And judging by the old pick up truck parked out front the decor that I have seen so far, it would jive that it's a roadhouse...

2020 Jan 21
Bibis opened today

Brassica (related to Allium) opens Saturday

2020 Jan 22
Re: Mandaloon Cedars connection.
The Cedars people also own O'Briens pub on Heron. Hence the roadhouse reference.

2020 Jan 22
Idris, opening where Cat’s Fish and Chips was.

2020 Jan 23
@Hungry Pete; what type of food is Idris?

2020 Jan 23
I believe they exclusively serve Mr Elba's favourite dishes.

2020 Jan 23
Would eat.

2020 Jan 23
Tree Pug: no idea, just saw a sign as I was driving by. I tried looking it up on the interweb, but no info.

2020 Jan 24
The owners of Allium will be opening their new restaurant Brassica tomorrow. It will be in Westboro where the Trattoria Viilage used to be. They were looking into rebuilding the resto in its old location but the cost was prohibitive. More info here:

2020 Jan 24
To be more clear, they still plan on re-opening Allium in the same location. The article mentions that they could be open in half a year.

2020 Jan 24
Idris sells Algerian food.

2020 Jan 27
The Great Canadian Poutinerie will be coming to 311 Bank St. (Ex-Pudgyboy’s)

2020 Jan 28
Heard a rumour that North and Navy will open a second location in the vacant Nosh space in the Glebe. Hope it’s true.

2020 Jan 29
A North and Navy in the Glebe would be so good.

2020 Jan 29
A North and Navy in the Glebe makes no sense to me unless they are closing the first location.

2020 Jan 30
My SO was at the Rens Pet Store at Baseline and Clyde and noticed a sign saying that the Burger's Priest is opening soon in the mall.

2020 Jan 30
State & Main where Casey’s used to be on Ogilvie. Fenced off for renovations right now but the external signage is up.

2020 Jan 31
@AD_2 - why's that?

2020 Jan 31
State & Main was new to me. Looks like Moxie's type high end'ish chain.
Anyone been to one?

2020 Feb 1
Regarding North and Navy in the Glebe as mentioned above - despite me thinking a “second N&N location is crazy", I saw a picture from last night of the N&N partners doing a toast inside the former Nosh / Pomeroy House location so they’re definitely up to something. Hopefully a less formal Italian place with a lower price point! Or just bringing back Pomeroy House which was the best.

Feb 5
Suzy Q is either moving or opening a new location or new type of location or something. The Third said on Instagram today that Suzy Q will soon be neighbours.

If I had to make an uneducated guess, it would be that they are keeping their current location purely as the bakery, and opening a fancy-ish storefront or cafe where Cafe My House used to be. But that speculation is based on nothing so take it as such.

Feb 5
I think I recall noticeing Suzy q experimenting with actual food items on their Facebook recently (can't remember what exactly but maybe sandwiches or something?) which would make sense if they're planning to expand.

Feb 5
Pomeroy was so good. Please bring it back!

Feb 6
Scores is going in to the new at bank and fifth, across the street from the McDonalds.

Feb 10
Per liquor license application on window, Dumpling? Dumpling! opening a new location at 382 (?) Bank, beside Wolf Down

Feb 11
Oh frick yes!

Feb 11
Haven't been to the Centrepointe location. Any good?

Feb 11
Wei's Noodle House, which closed on Somerset some months ago, is set to re-open at 610 Bronson sometime very soon.

Feb 13
O'brien's roadhouse opened today at industrial and russel.

Nice place. All kinds of barn board and nice feel. menu isn't same as usual obriens in that there is no pizza but there is brisket and ribs.. although I didn't try any of that stuff yet but we had good burgers etc. This area has been wanting something like this for a while.

Feb 18
Happy Goat at Bank n Sunnyside moved to the old Starbucks location two blocks south. Waiting for news re the taco place supposedly moving in.

Feb 18
Happy Goat will be opening up in the Staples on Bank Street.

Feb 18
Heartbreakers - pizza and wine place
Sign is up where Blumenstudio used to be.

Feb 28
Farm Boy on Metcalfe street will be opening next Thursday March 5th.

Feb 28
Oh Thank the Lord, I don't have to go to Hartmans anymore.

Feb 28
EnglishFoodie you and I both. The lineups at the cashes are ridiculously long and that store is too big for my liking. I think they should give rollerblades to their customers as they enter the store... I rarely do a big grocery shop so most days I just need to pop in for a few items. A smaller store would be handy. Plus I like Farm Boy;)

Feb 29
And the Farm Boy will sell beer!

Mar 5
Sarah Brown from Ottawa Magazine got a sneak peak at the new Farm Boy on Metcalfe. They had Lug Tread in stock! I am hoping, wishing, praying they will carry Kichessipi beer. If not I will have to email them...

Mar 7
There will be a new bubble tea store opening up on Sussex Drive right at the corner of York where an exquisite clothing shop called Envied used to be. Yes, that's right - a bubble tea shop on Sussex Drive. Sacrilege.

Mar 7
Heartbreakers Pizza opening soon at 465 Parkdale (where Blumenstudio used to be)

The Curry Palace opening soon at 569 Gladstone (across from Red Apron / beside Pascales where Palermo Pizza and other pizza places used to be)

Mar 8
Freshii will be opening on Bank St coin Cooper St. Just next door to the Starbucks on that corner.

Mar 11
According to Google Burger's Priest on Baseline will be opening on March 28th. This is one of my favourite burger places in Toronto and I've been waiting for an Ottawa location for quite some time.

Mar 11
Oh, my god. That's got to be where the Second Cup closed in the Mallwart mall.
A brisk 10 minute walk from my place. A quick detour from my regular route home on the bus. A place that I will quietly find myself at if I stop paying attention to where I'm walking.


Secret menu:

Mar 12
Yeah, it's about a 10 minute walk from my place too. I am trying to diet dammit.

Mar 12
"According to Google Burger's Priest on Baseline will be opening on March 28th. This is one of my favourite burger places in Toronto and I've been waiting for an Ottawa location for quite some time."


Mar 12
Something of a retro 'opening soon' post, but a few months ago Ramakrishna quietly opened on Rideau at Chapel, in the apartment bldg where Sitar used to be.

It is Indian food. And it is AWESOME (based on my one delivery so far). North Indian style with a few interesting twists... the mango chicken was particularly good. The (possibly best version of this dish i have ever stuffed into my face) coconut rice had like an entire coconut grated in. The sauce that comes with a few of the dishes, more or less a savoury butter chicken sauce i think, could make stale cardboard delicious.

Worth a try.

Mar 19
First it was DiRienzo's, then that family broke up and the husband came back with another Italian sandwich place, but it just didn't work out.

Now, Franks Baked Goods and Catering! Apparently, the best butter tarts in the world (according to them).
In the little mall at the corner of Meadowlands and Fisher.

Mar 19
A 'new' pizza-style place is hoping to open where Macarons & Madeleines was on Wellington: Joe's Italian Kitchen.

Their model appears to be a different kind of pizza dough (pinza Romano) invented in 2001. Soy flour, sourdough, no animal fats, gluten and vegan friendly. Wine and beer will be available.

Mar 19
I've been to their location at the mill in Almonte and it is good, but I prefer their thinner Neapolitan style crust to the thicker, airier romano. Crazy how many pizza spots have popped up on wellington / richmond in the last couple of years (PiCo, Fiazza, House of Pizza and Publicco)

Mar 19
Yeah when I saw all of the pizza spots popping up close to each other I was thinking about a pizza crawl in the area. Now I'm just imagining doing it in better times, on a nice sunny day when everyone is out enjoying the good weather.

Apr 23
Franks does have awesome butter tarts. I wonder if they are closing the original location on Greenbank?

Apr 23
Don't laugh at me here, but there is a brand of butter tarts that you can buy in a grocery store that are very, very, good and that includes the flaky pastry. The brand is Rachel's and Metro sells them. They are made by an Ontario company from Trenton. We have purchased them at both locations. You can get the regular size size or minis in plain or pecan or raisin.

Apr 26
I haven't been in a Metro in about 10 years, but now I'm tempted.

Apr 26
Love Rachel's butter tarts at Metro. I like the slightly crunchy top, like a mini sugar pie. I think Frank's butter tarts are pretty overrated IMHO. They have a way too high crust to filling ratio. Frank's sandwiches however are really good and I like their pies too.

Apr 27
The shell is what makes Franks extra good - at least for me.

May 3
NEXT just announced an upcoming "Dirty Burger Stittsville."
No specifics yet.

May 3
The old KFC on Bank just south of Heron had a 'Burger's Priest coming soon' sign on it.


May 12
The old KFC on Baseline that became a short-lived sandwich franchise is re-opening as a Royal Paan franchise.
This actually interests me a little.

May 12
Where the Bergham is? I am very curious now.

May 12
Where it was, yes.

May 19
Indulgence is CLOSED. (589 Bank St.) Thr33’s Co. Snack Bar opening in its place. @thr33co.snackbar

May 21
Dolsot Cafe has moved from the place next to Arum grocers to join GoGiYa at 155 Bank St.

May 21

May 21
Dolsot has already moved in, so to speak, with Go Gi Ya. I haven't been in yet to see what the layout is like but when I walked by a couple of weeks ago there were two menus in the window - one for Go Gi Ya and one for Dolsot.

May 21
Go gi ya's website also lists that they have a mall food court location at bank and laurier specializing in sushi. When this is all over, I think I'll try it

Jun 2
There's a "coming soon" sign up for A Little Taste of Portugal where the medical cannabis info place in Hintonburg used to be. Looks to be a pasteis de nata place.

Jun 3
The aesthetic and phrasing on the sign outside the place in Hintonburg referenced in the above post matches that of Lusa Bakery (, a Portuguese bakery currently located in Gatineau. An expansion or a move perhaps? Or just a coincidence...?

Jun 4
Freshii on Bank/Cooper is now open. Is this the first new business to open during the pandemic?

Jun 4
It's either opening or opening any minute now but there is a place called Three's Company that's opening on Bank:

Jun 12
Suzy Q doughnuts just announced a location opening soon in Bells Corners. This is frighteningly near to me! 🍩😱🍩

Jun 12
Here's SuzyQ's Facebook post:

"Ah, just in case this is the first you’re hearing of it - we are now operating out of 1721 St Laurent Boulevard, but we are also working to prepare a new storefront in Hintonburg at 1015 Wellington Street West. After that, we’ll be opening our Bells Corners spot at [undisclosed location]!

We’re taking pre-orders for trunk pick-ups each week, I’m afraid there’s no walk in or same day availability. We’re still drastically reduced in our staffing for safety, as well as building two new kitchens as we do our best to provide everything we can. Our pre-orders have been selling out in under an hour each Monday when we post them, so if you’d like to make sure you’re one of the first notified of the availability, you can join our mailing list at"

Jun 13
Oh My Burger on Dalhousie St now open for Take Out or Delivery. Another restaurant open during the pandemic.

Jun 14
Café Délice recently opened on Bank and Albert. This is their second location.

Jun 17
Seeing word that the baseline Burger Priest will open July 10th, for takeout/delivery only.

Jun 18
Geenie Bakery opened in Blackburn Hamlet two days ago. It is a middle eastern bakery which makes fresh pita bread, meat and cheese pies, etc. Desserts will come soon.

Jul 7
The Portuguese bakery opening in Hintonburg is indeed Lusa Bakery. It's supposed to be opening fairly soon.

Jul 8
Burger's Priest finally looks like it's going to open on July 9th

Jul 9
Not sure if this constitutes ‘opening’, but Fraser’s is building a deck, so they can have eat in diners again.

Jul 10
I just finished my Burgers Priest order. It wasn't too expensive, really, but I still balk at paying $25 for a burger meal. I am very old.
I got The Priest burger, chili cheese fries, and a chocolate shake.
All of it was good, but none of it stood out as fantastic and 'must-have'.
The place will do well with the stunt burger crowd because of the hidden menu and highly Instagrammable food. "OO, they're a small chain from TORONTO. I can order off-menu items that are so hard to find that they only show up on their website under MENU." People will get into that. I'm sure.
Me, I'll be going somewhere else.

The improbably tall burgers are made possible by not serving meat patties, but more of a meat BALL. When you squish it to get it in your gaping maw, it flattens out to a regular sized burger and doesn't squish out the sides. However, when you unwrap it, you see this enormous thing in your hands.

Jul 13
how does Burger Priest compare to Five Guys?

my friend in Toronto says she prefers 5 guys.. I"ve had BP but it was a few years ago I can't recall that level of detail but I remember it being good... but seeing as 5 guys is two mins from my house, I would probably go there more often.

Jul 14
I've had BPriest in TO, the burger is great, the fries were forgettable, but I would put it ahead of 5Guys.

The Hidden Menu thing has run its course and should go back to hiding.

Jul 15
I enjoyed my burger, but I am too old to eat a double cheeseburger with grilled cheese buns.

The fries we really enjoyed, but agreed they really need malt vinegar.

Aug 19
Kitchen Maroo opened about a month ago on Gladstone, apparently where Gina's cafe was located -710 Gladstone

Looks like their specialty is Korean fried chicken, with other wraps and sandwiches available.

Aug 30
Looks like a new Italian place will be opening in the former Stoneface Dolly's location on Preston Street soon. Saw these signs in the window this morning "Italian Restaurant Pizzeria Napoletana and Week-End Brunch".

Aug 31
German Doner Kabob on Elgin is finally open. Lots of people when I got there. Have to return another time.

Sep 1

Arepas stand opened in the market.

Sep 2
Oh this is a GAME CHANGER. Arepas are my weakness.

Sep 6
A Pi Co. pizza place will be opening in the THEO residence at Rideau and King Edward.

Sep 17
The new restaurant run by North and Navy in the Glebe where Pomeroy House (RIP) was will be called Gia Cantina. Nothing known about opening date (or anything else)

Sep 22
Fairouz owner opening at Blackthorn location on Clarence.

Sep 25
Dumpling Dumpling's bank street location is up on uber eats already!-bank-st/30AHmS6sQYWebvRYR4L2rg

Sep 25
To add to **James C."'s post it looks Dumpling? Dumpling!'s restaurant is also open for takeout.

Sep 26
Super Salads on Preston st. Just opened. They’ve made their outdoor space very colourful and welcoming. I looked forward to trying their salads. I love salad.

Sep 26
I really miss Pomeroy House ☹️

Sep 27
As mentioned just above, Super Salads opened yesterday. Then last night they were the victims of an arson attack, according to the operator who posted pictures of the damage and of the police investigating. No word on reopening but he said nothing inside was damaged so hopefully soon. The salads looked great!

Sep 27
Apparently it's true that you don't make friends with salad.

Sep 27
Mont Tacos has a opened a ‘French taco’ spot where centrale Bergham and previously shawarma house was on Carling near the coliseum.

Sep 27
Super Salads has posted a video on Instagram of the person attempting to break a window, and then succeeding in dumping gasoline on the building and setting it on fire. Crazy. All with people walking past (on the other side of the street), cars going by, an OC Transpo bus driving past...

Sep 28
Not really a restaurant but Noor just opened where Kardish used to be on Richmond near Lululemon. It is branded as a Middle Eastern health food store and sells Zataar, cheese pies, fattoush, hummus ect.

On another note I'll never understand why someone would open up a health food store right after another health food store went out of business the the same space.

Oct 2
Gia Cantina on Bank where Pomeroy House was is offering a small sample menu today, accessible through their front window.

Oct 13
Suya Palace Nigerian/African Charcoal Grill & BBQ Restaurant has moved into the revolving door of 1066 Somerset that has been cursed ever since the infamous Vibe Nightclub got kicked out of the space by the Councillor due to an increase of violence. Since then both the Hintonburger and the Witches' Thicket have gone out of business. Hopefully Suya Palace does better.

Oct 16
There's a new Detroit-style pizza place on Elgin called Stay Gold.

Oct 16
Shelby Burger opened today at 11 William St, the former location of Golden Bubbles .

This is the latest and apparently most affordable car(michael)-named project to join the El Camino/Riviera/Datsun empire.

Oct 17
Detroit style pizza is a thing?

Oct 18
If they put the crust on top of that they’d have something.......

Oct 21
Where is Stay Gold? Address number?

Oct 21
Pizzeria Del Romolo (wood burning) opening soon at Bank St (Florence St).

Oct 21
The Chef’s Choice is now open. Somerset St West (Bay St). Shawarma, Pizza, Poutine, Lebanese Pies.

Oct 22
Stay Gold is located at 360 Elgin Street

Their Instagram handle is @pizza_staygold

Oct 23
Thanx G-Lo !

Nov 4

Chili Craft Pizza opened on Carling and Wylie where the Milano used to be. It seems to specialize in Indian fusion pizzas.

Nov 5
Halibut Fish and Chips (a franchise chain from Port Perry) just opened up on Strandherd in the citigate plaza near the Costco. Got the $10 Wednesday special- 10 dollar cod and chips. Good enough to satisfy a fish and chips craving but not worth driving across the city for. The three fish types are haddock, cod and halibut.

Nov 19
I was told that Chili Craft Pizza is owned by the same people who run the Little India Cafe next door and that it is amazing by a friend. Not too surprising as it and Coconut Lagoon are the two best Indian restaurants in the City.