Restaurant Closings 2019-2020 [General]

Oct 17
Chez Anh on Sunnyside has closed, making it sadly making it one of the many unsuccessful crowd funded restaurants with good food Iíve witnessed (Detroit Soul Food, Zen Kitchen ect..)

Jan 17
It looks like today will be the last day metro on Rideau will be open. I went there after work yesterday and there wasn't much left. (I still managed to walk out with two bags of groceries however ;) They don't have enough merchandise left to stay open any longer. I was chatting with one of the store employees on the way out and he said when the condos will be built there will in fact be a grocery store on the first floor of the building. He said metro won the bid so either a metro or a Food Basics or an Adonis will go in there - not sure which since they are all part of the metro family - but a new grocery store will go in there eventually.