Restaurant Closings 2019-2020 [General]

Oct 17
Chez Anh on Sunnyside has closed, making it sadly making it one of the many unsuccessful crowd funded restaurants with good food I’ve witnessed (Detroit Soul Food, Zen Kitchen ect..)

Oct 17
Both Detroit Soul Food and Zen Kitchen failed for reasons that have little to do with how they were funded.

Zen Kitchen failed as a result of the couple that owned and operated it splitting up. It never recovered from the departure of chef Ishii and the city is worse off for having lost a great chef.

LeRoy Walden couldn't manage a business out of a paper bag. He's tried and failed numerous times. I, personally, didn't find his food that exciting, though I only ever tried it from his food truck incarnation. The fried chicken gets a resounding "meh" from me.

I kept meaning to go to Chez Anh but it was just never convenient, maybe location was part of their problem? I would have thought the Carleton U students and faculty would have been frequent visitors and didn't they do a weekly popup on campus?

Oct 17
Just my $0.02, but i suspect Chez Ahn's problem was that its hours were inconsistent and not as posted on the website or door. Hearsay has it that was due to the owner's focus on the Carleton U foodcourt location and a lack of reliable staff. Unfortunate, i thought the food was great and when it was open during posted hours it seemed busy.

Oct 18
The topic came up earlier about the Soup Guy Café in the Glebe being closed. If anyone would like a soup fix the location in the World Exchange Plaza is still in business...

Oct 20
The Witch's Thicket in Hintonburg (old Hintonburger). Barely lasted 2 months..

Oct 21
"LeRoy Walden couldn't manage a business out of a paper bag."

@TheTrunkDr I'm curious how you justify making a personal attack on someone in a public forum under the guise of anonymity? I'm assuming you know firsthand what it is to have an idea and make it a reality by raising capital and putting in the long hours and effort it takes to keep a small business going? How about posting your name and photo along with a CV of your own business ventures and accomplishments so that the general public can assess your competencies?

Or is anonymity too much fun to give up?

Oct 21
His history is well known and reported on. Questioning someone's ability to manage a business when they have failed to do so numerous times is not a stretch nor a personal attack. Perhaps my language was more colourful but I don't think my conclusion is off.

Feel free to poke away at me with irrelevant strawmen about my personal history or anonymity all you like, that doesn't change the fact that Mr. Walden has a very long list of failed culinary business experiments. I'm not saying it's easy nor that he hasn't worked hard but he has not been successful and I wouldn't put much faith in any of his future endeavours to be successful base on his past performance. I'm not wishing ill will on him, I hope he does find success but it hasn't happened and after several attempts I don't believe that it will for him, unfortunately.

Oct 27
Pocketz/Robz on Carling.


... am SO unhappy about this.

Oct 28
Bella Via at Parkdale/Wellington has closed.

Oct 29
Dora Don, the food truck on Holland near Tunney's Pasture, will be closing for good at the end of the week. They also mentioned they'll post their recipes. This means I'll need to find a new default lunch spot when I didn't bring one to work :-(


Oct 29
Not closing for good, but until further notice: Ola Cocina in Vanier. Someone broke in and did a bunch of vandalism last night. There is a GoFundMe if you'd like to help them to get back on their feet.

Oct 29
WTF Bella Via closed? It took them like 3 years to open? I am still convinced that was some kind of money laundering place.

Oct 30
Bella Via is such a weird case, they took so long to open and never really established themselves. My best guess would be someone with little or no foodservice ownership experience tried to jump on the gelato bandwagon and failed miserably.

Nov 7
It looks like Owl of Minverva might be gone at Somerset and Arthur. The signs are down and it hasn't been open for a few days.

Nov 16
Centrale Bergham near the Coliseum on Carling Avenue has closed.