Montana legalizes road kill harvesting [Cooking]

2013 Oct 3

"The state of Montana has made it legal for residents to pick up road kill, take it home, and throw it on the grill."

Yummy.. This will catch Zym's attention, I'm sure. :p

2013 Oct 3
I thought Thunber Bay residents do this as a matter of course.

I had some moose sausage once, that was 'harvested' this way.

2013 Oct 3

2013 Oct 4
I know several OPP officers who regularly pick up dinner while they're on the job.

2013 Oct 12
There is a road kill cook-off festival in West Virginia every year.

2013 Oct 13
I like mine 'grilled'.

2013 Oct 19
Sous vide man. It's the only way to cook good road kill.