Where can i find Lobster rolls in Ottawa? [General]

2012 Feb 2
Anybody knows where i could find a restaurant that has Lobster rolls? Since i got back from the NY, i am craving it so bad!


2012 Feb 6
I too would come to Petit Bills for a really good lobster roll (with LOTS of lobster in it!)

Terry - If you do offer this, please post it on the forum in a new thread so we can all come down and fill up the restaurant :)

In case anyone is going to NYC, I had the best seafood sliders in Chelsea at the Chelsea Market.

There is a little fish store there that I noticed because they had a huge line up snaking all through the store.

People line up at lunch for their chowder, lobster rolls and seafood sliders (amongst other things).

It's called "The Lobster Place" and the food was to die for.


Here is a pic of my seafood sliders.

They are all served on a brioche bun:

-One lobster roll
-One shrimp roll
-One crab roll with bacon

Served with potato chips. This was AMAZING.

2012 Jun 29
Finally had time to download the photos and resize them and convert to .jpg.

This was the lobster roll I has at Royal Oak.. Substituted sweet potato fries for an additional $1.99. The sweet potato fries were a bit better at Clocktower.