Bambu? [General]

2010 Oct 19
Could we get a tag for Bambu, near the T&T?

We'd love to post a review but want to make sure we do it right.


2010 Oct 19
You can do that yourself

2010 Oct 19
Happy Mouth Blog, you can add a new vendor by typing its name in the "find" box at the top of any page, then click "find". When you see that it doesn't already exist, you can click the "Add new vendor" button to create a new listing.

2010 Oct 20
We went there recently and Happy Mouth Blog's words are bang on. Beautiful restaurant with smallish sized portions and chinese takeout equivalent food. Such a shock compared to their other original Yangtze restaurant which is more authentic and full plates of typical chinatown meals. I think BAMBU or U BAMBU? is catering to a tamer crowd with very safe food for a younger going out crowd. We'd have girl's night out there twice dressed to the T and people watching. The cocktails were great with some appies. Large parking lot with Moxies, a new Shawarma Planet, TNT and a host of other new shops. They are also all open late(r) than downtown restaurants.