What is your favorite at-home dinner? [Cooking]

2010 Aug 23
Hello everyone!
I'm new to Ottawa Foodies, and I'm curious to find out what everyone's favorite dinner is to eat at home?
I'm talking when you have the whole afternoon/evening, with your significant other/nice company, and a bottle (or two, three..) of wine. So something that you enjoy spending the time on when you HAVE the time.
My fave would have to be seafood boil! All in a bowl.
Lobster is a must- Pre-cracking the parts makes it easy to pull it apart, but it's neat because it's still in the shell.
Another seafood (depending on what's most fresh- i.e. jumbo shrimp or delicious sea scallops, or mussels...mmm).
And now for the veggies- fingerling potato's, corn on the cob cut into 'mini' cobs, mushrooms (whole: button, cremini, shitake. Sliced: portabello..), whole roasted garlic cloves, green and yellow zucchini...and any other fresh delicious veggies I can find that complement that sort of dish.
I'll either opt for a wine based broth (with diced tomatos and green onion OR just a garlic butter on the side for dipping- or both!). Lemon on the side, parsley sprinkled on top. Salt and pepper.
This bowl is of course topped with a few slices of med-rare steak.
And, of course, a delicious fresh bread of somesort (my mom's rosemarry focaccia would be so Mmmm Mmmm).
This bowl is great for sharing (and it's a fun way to eat- just with your fingers!)
I don't do it right in the sense that everything doesn't get boiled together. Most of the ingredients get cooked seperately then assembled later. I did see a boil get cooked on the beach once (a fire pit in the sand, covered by sand and seaweed with all the ingredients wrapped up under the sand in neat little parcels). I want that sometime!
Now I included a picture of a seafood boil off the internet because I haven't done this in a while- so next time I do I will add my picture.
Note that this seafood boil has tons of crawfish and sausage (YUM! And I think a little more traditional?)

2010 Aug 25
finally a thread to for foodies' home cooking.

my adaptation of thomas keller's linguine vongole with roasted garlic puree + white wine + linguine + manilla clams + cherrystone clams + clam sauce + garlic chive + purple amaranth + red shiso + winter onion. one of my fave seafood pasta dishes.

2010 Aug 31
Hi, I'm new to Ottawa Foodies too. The photos on this thread are so delicious.

It's hard to choose a favourite meal, though!
Summer: bbq. My husband has been toying with different meats and homemade marinades/dry rubs/sauces and seasoned wood chips. There isn't really one recipe; the main thing is to cook the meat for 4+ hours.

Winter: roasted bird. Duck is my favourite. After we pick at the leftovers for a couple of days or so, I boil the rest, make a broth, pick the bones, and make a soup and a pate.