Beau's is Hiring [General]

2008 Aug 18
Beau's Beau's are looking for a brewer, even someone with a culinary backround.

Hey Zy: Is this your calling ?

From a Facebook broadcast message:

"Subject: Beau's is hiring

Our 2nd brewer, Mark, has informed us that he has to leave our company for personal reasons. We are starting to put out feelers, looking for a replacement for Mark and possibly some additional production assistance.

We will be considering either professional brewers, dedicated homebrewers and skilled people in related fields (anywhere from microbiology to culinary). We're as concerned with personality fit as we are with experience and knowledge so the winning candidate might not necessarily be the most experienced.

We will start interviewing shortly, so if any of you MOBsters wants to go
from obsessed hobby to full or part time job, please send me an email.



2008 Aug 18
According to the Beau's Beer Blog Matt O'Hara's ribs have mended up pretty good since his car accident at the end of May, so he is up and running again. The 2nd Brewer Mark, is the one that came on board in May, and is the guy who is leaving.

I too am thinking Zym might be an ideal candidate for the job... hey Zym you could move to the country and enjoy all that great farm cooking and "fresh" dairy air.

Anyways, there is lots of cool news over on the Beau's Blog, for all their Beer Fans... a lot of new things have been underway at the Brewery during the summer. Looks like it is time for another road trip!

2008 Aug 18
Yeah, he actually sent email to our brewers' list this morning about it.

Sorry, golden handcuffs prevent me from appyling for that one :-( I don't like high tech all that much any more, but it is a good way to support a family.