Where to get Tortilla Chips


2007 Sep 22
Warm salty goodness!



2007 Jul 30
I just tried the Chipotle ones (I'm a sucker for punishment), and SURPRISE, I actually like these! A lot!

The flavours are subtle and their texture is just a little different than the other two flavours I tried.

I will buy these again. And again.

2007 May 31
So I tried the Lime tortilla chips, keeping in mind what the reviews have been here. They are definitely strange tasting...I couldn't put my finger on it for awhile but I finally got it.

Ok, here goes.....they taste exactly like...wait for it....green suckers. I'm not kidding!

I like the chip itself, and can't wait to try another flavour...but the Lime ones are, if anything, weird.

2007 May 24
So I thought I would try another bag of these chips and again I was disapppointed.

This time I tried the lime ones and phooey! I swear they tasted like really old musty shoes, errr...chips and I was constantly checking for mould.

Could I have got 2 bad bags in a row?

2007 May 9
I really like the lime flavoured tortilla chips. The flavour is much more subtle than the lime Tostitos ones - they overpower whatever you dip them into - but the Farm Boy ones go well with salsa and guacamole. Speaking of guacamole, their own guac is delicious but sells out in hours so is hard to come by.

2007 Feb 3
I really like the chipotle ones. Actually I like all of them. Maybe you got an old bag...

2007 Feb 3
Actually I wasnt too crazy about the chips. I found them to be cardboard flavoured and tough. Rather stale like.

Perhaps I should try another bag.

2007 Feb 3
The house brand is worth a try -- like the salsa there, almost Lone Star-ish. Try heating them very briefly in the oven.