A shoulder cut of pork usually used in roasts and pulled pork in Southern American cooking.

Boston Butt at T&T Supermarket
Where to get Boston Butt


2010 Jul 24
Too bad you didn't get bone in. Much better for smoking and BBQ. Luciano's can get this cut for you so can Brian's or Sasloves.

2010 Jul 24
I was able to finally find Boston butt cut of pork, which is a shoulder roast cut. This one is boneless. It is used in Southern US cooking, BBQ and especially in pulled pork dishes. It is also a cut preferred for carnitas for tacos and other pork dishes in Mexican cuisine.

Neither Loblaws, Metro nor Farm Boy carried this cut of meat and most seemed baffled when I asked for a shoulder roast cut. Only the butcher at Loblaws seemed sad when I asked and told me that he couldn't get the cut even if his LIFE depended on it. He was the one who recommended to check Metro, which also did not have it.

But they had it at TnT along with a gigantic selection of cuts of pork, beef and chicken. The meat is very fresh and comes with a variety that I have not seen in the Ottawa area.

I can finally put together my Puerco Pibil dish without having to substitute for a different cut of meat!