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Lyle's is one of the more common brands. Used in baking.

Where to get Golden Syrup

2011 Jan 1
rizak - it actually tastes very different. lyle's golden syrup has a carmel/honey taste too it, but it isn't as thick or creamy as carmel. it is thick like honey and not smooth pouring like corn syrup. it is also made from sugar cane instead of corn & glucose (corn syrup).

you could substitute corn syrup for lyle's, but you would lose some depth of flavour. this may or may not matter depending on the recipe.

2011 Jan 1
Isn't this just corn syrup, either white or golden?

2010 Dec 31
Just bought some from the Superstore in Westboro--with the pancake syrups and such.

2010 Dec 27
Webbiest I found Lyle's Golden Syrup a couple of weeks before Christmas with the other syrups at the Independent Store at the corner of Bank and Alta Vista. The syrups are often located near the cooked cereals, rather than in the baking section of grocery stores.

2010 Dec 27
Has anybody shopped for Golden syrup in recent months? (I assume it is Tate and Lyle Brand; I've never seen any other kind).

does Metro still carry it? Loblaws South Keys no longer does, or they've managed to hide it somewhere other than baking, syrups, British foods. argh.

2010 Mar 4
Thanks for posting this information. I assumed since it wasn't it my normal downtown grocery haunts it wouldn't be sitting on the shelves of the Metro Glebe. I am so excited to start using golden syrup indiscriminately!

2010 Mar 2
Recipe in mind are flapjacks, British cookies.

I will check the superstore and report back.

ETA: Found at Metro Glebe! Made aforementioned flapjacks (www.bonappetit.com). Also had some golden syrup in my tea. Squealed a lot. It was that tasty. Sort of like corn syrup, but closer to molasses...not as tangy.


2010 Mar 2
i use my lyle's golden syrup all the time. so much nicer than corn syrup in recipes. i find it at all grocery stores.

edit to add: check glebe metro or large super store on richmond. i really didn't have any trouble finding it, if you can't, it is probably the grocery store's fault - they often put it in a strange place. check with syrups, check baking aisle and check with jams. you can pm me if you are still having trouble. i would even give you a dollop if that is all you need!

2010 Mar 1
I have a can of Lyle's that I purchased in Pointe-Claire (suburb on the western outskirts of Montreal) from Bramble House, a store selling British groceries and gifts. Maybe they would ship to Ottawa, or perhaps know of a similar vendor here in town? www.bramblehouse.net

Do you have a recipe in mind already that calls for golden syrup? I still haven't used my Lyle's because I'm looking for exactly the right recipe. Although if there's an Ottawa vendor that might change the game. Golden syrup on everything!

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2011 Jan 4
Golden syrup is also wonderful on oatmeal.

2010 Dec 27
The Scottish and Irish store in bells corner has golden syrup as well