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Lyle's is one of the more common brands. Used in baking.

Where to get Golden Syrup

2017 May 1
I just called the Bagel Shop on Wellington and yes, they carry Lyle's but they're currently out of stock. They will be ordering some in tomorrow. ETA: 1 week.

2017 Apr 24
I recently picked up a jar at the Bagel Shop on Wellington. I think I saw it at Kitchenalia on Richmond recently too.

2017 Apr 16
If you've got an hour, you can make your own. All you need is sugar, water, and a lemon.

... or dark treacle.

2017 Apr 16
I saw it at Mrs McGarrigle's in Merrickville last week.

2017 Apr 15
There's definitely a supply problem. I used to see it all the time at Walmart and Bulk Barn, but not anymore.

2017 Apr 15
For Lyle's, the Scottish & Irish store (either Robertson in the West or Innes in the East) would be the place to go.


2017 Apr 15
Does anyone have updated information on where to find Lyle's Golden Syrup these days? I usually buy it at Westboro Superstore but they don't seem to carry it anymore. Couldn't find it at Loblaws on Merivale either.

2011 Jan 21
FYI- I was in Giant Tiger on Wellington and they were clearing out golden syrup at $1 a bottle.

2011 Jan 4
What I need the Golden Syrup for is Scandinavian gingerbread, so the flavour is really important. Out of desperation, I have substituted maple syrup, which is great flavour wise, but it is not viscous enough.

thanks for the vendor suggestions.

2011 Jan 1
rizak - it actually tastes very different. lyle's golden syrup has a carmel/honey taste too it, but it isn't as thick or creamy as carmel. it is thick like honey and not smooth pouring like corn syrup. it is also made from sugar cane instead of corn & glucose (corn syrup).

you could substitute corn syrup for lyle's, but you would lose some depth of flavour. this may or may not matter depending on the recipe.


2011 Jan 4
Golden syrup is also wonderful on oatmeal.

2010 Dec 27
The Scottish and Irish store in bells corner has golden syrup as well