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Also known as lemon bars.

Where to get Lemon Squares

2010 Mar 25
If I had to rank lemon squares in Ottawa, I would probably say that Bridgehead's new recipe is the most tart, Planet Coffee's is the richest (the crust especially so, but also the custard/filling) and SAS has the sweetest.

It's all a matter of taste.

2011 Mar 27
Their lemon squares are the best I've ever had. Keep up the good work. The pride you take in your baking shows.

In response to the above postings regarding hours... well, I believe family does come first and if customers can't appreciate how hard you work during your business hours in order to get the job done and get home to your family, then that's their problem, not yours.


2013 Jan 12
I have developed a slight addiction to those. It's the star anise flavour that makes me like them. They taste like something as opposed to just sugar and the combination with lemon is interesting. And they are fairly tart. If they sold jars of the lemon curd, I would buy some to spread on good bread. Yum!

2010 Mar 29
I too had a lemon square last week after comments from LWB. YUM!!
I'm normally a ginger cookie gal and didn't really take a look at these (likely the colour didn't make me think - hmm that's a lemon square). However, that may change as I love the tart, fresh, lemon zing. I certainly hope they don't mute the flavour, it is lovely as it is. The extra fruit makes it more interesting.

2010 Mar 28
I decided to try Bridgehead's lemon squares after reading these reviews. Normally, being a bit of a chocoholic, I go for their (choc chip) cookies or brownies, but though I'd give these a try. They are excellent, the only thing I wasn't really keen on is that they are much sweeter than I'd normally like. I'm guessing it's the addition of raspberries (as well as sugar, of course). So they are def a bit sweet, but I really loved the strong tart and fresh lemon flavour. I'd def get them again if I wanted something really sweet, but I'm guessing that probably won't be too often.
They are better than other lemon squares I've had though!

2010 Mar 26
These Bridgehead lemon squares are delicious. I'm a sucker for a tart lemon square, and this fit the bill. It has rhubarb, anise, and raspberries in the curd to give it a little extra oomph. I hope they keep it around, one of the cashiers mentioned there had been some complaints that the flavours were too intense... wake up your boring tastebuds Ottawa, these squares rock!

2010 Mar 25
After foodiePrints' recent review on twitter of Bridgehead's new lemon squares recipe, I thought I would pick one up for breakfast.

These ain't your average lemon squares. They are tart, lip-puckering tart! The lemon is sharp and fresh, and there are pieces of rhubarb and raspberries throughout. These are my kind of lemon square (although, every kind of lemon square is my kind of lemon square).