Where to get Rum Cake

2011 Oct 29
Great news: Art-is-in Bakery makes Rum Cakes!

2009 May 30
Thanks for the lead Gardener Mom! It will also give me an excuse to get out of town and visit the Carp Farmers' Market.

2009 May 17
I seem to recall finding rum cake at the Carp Farmers Market (Saturdays 8am - 1pm) at Pat's Sweet Temptations. I don't know if she always has it, but it would be worth finding out. I believe she is from the Caribbean originally as there are other Caribbean sweets there too.

2009 May 17
I travel to the Caribbean somewhat regularly where the best rum cakes can be found. There is a baker in Toronto who also does great rum cakes on special order. But frankly, I was looking for a local bake shop or a restaurant that would serve rum cake in Ottawa.

Thanks for the link Golden Turtle. In the end, it's the only lead I got so far.

2009 May 15
No not half, I did admit to looking it up. I happen to have used dogpile.com actually but how the fact that I'm uninterested in rum cake somehow negates the link I found is rather curious logic please explain.

I criticized her because it is not spamming (and nor was it the 'first' thing I found for that matter). Spamming refers pretty specifically to unsolicited commercially motivated posting and/or emailing. The two of you should get together and have a coffee klatch sometime you seem to be like minded.

Apparently not everyone can 'google' things up (or use the yellow pages for that matter) --or this section wouldn't exist.

Did I at any moment pretend that was the 'only' source for Rum Cake?

I am under no obligation to restrict myself to Ottawa vendors, nor for that matter does it seem are many of the other posters on here who often comment on other cities.

Beyond that, if I presumed to "stipulat[e] why the seeker should purchase from them " when I've already admitted I hadn't used the site that would be pretty dumb wouldn't it? I looked around and felt that site was legit and people were happy with it, but you know what? I'm not compelled to share my rationale for everything I post nor back it up with a bevy of happy reviews, if you want to fine you aren't going to see me attacking you for doing either, nor will I call you a spammer.

I gave someone an option and that was all. You gave them others, good for you *clap clap*

2009 May 15
So, really, Golden Turtle, the fact that you do not "give a crap" about rum cake, and likely never will makes your suggestion as to where to procure the food rather useless, unless of you are providing information from someone who has had wonderful rum cake (or rum cake in general); you half admitted to googling "rum cake" and posting the first thing that came about, and then criticized Food-and-Think for stating that you should have provided more information about the website.

To be honest, I agree with F&T here: anyone on this site can use google, some of us bettter than others. However, if you are going to be so kind as to provide us with information from an online vendor (rather than sharing your knowledge of Ottawa vendors) at least give us more information about the online vendor, please.

You're right, the concept is "desperately seeking", however the focus of the site is also Ottawa vendors, and so providing a link to an online vendor without stipulating why the seeker should purchase from them is a bit useless to the mandate of the site.

As for seeking rum cake, is it possible that Carribean Sizzler or other Carribean vendors in teh city sell them? Carribean food shoppes? Or, as a wrost case scenario, I can also provide my mother's tried, tested and very true recipe.

2009 May 7
Actually the concept here is not reviews, that's why it's under the title "Desperately seeking."

If you need your eyes checked I can refer you to an optician in the same way I dug up a link for them (Got my eyes done at Focus Eye Centre woo woo).

To be honest, I could give a crap about Rum Cake, never had it and being a vegan I likely never will.

If you can't take the time to notice what I should think most people would consider a "wants" heading before wading in knee deep in commentary and calling me a spammer I feel sorry for you. People like that often walk out into intersections before looking both ways.

Rather than ordering something I am not in the least interested in, but generally being a helpful sort of individual I took a minute out of my day to find a source that would ship to Ottawa.

Perhaps next time you should think things through, take a deep breath and use the brains you were blessed with before taking aim at someone who is clearly just doing someone else a favour.

2009 Apr 20
Golden Turtle RIP - The whole concept here is this is a Review Page... you didn't give us any info about "why" we might want to order a Rum Cake from this supplier (aka a Review)... in this context this is no better than common spam.



2012 Dec 10
Second Avenue sweets is where I order their delicious Tuscan cake. It can be served as dessert for after dinner or served as morning dessert with coffee. Freezes well...if it lasts that long!