Where to get Maple Syrup

2011 May 19
Thank you Caper!!

2011 May 19
Maple syrup can get moldy....here is how to deal with it. www.eplersmaplesyrup.com

2011 May 18
I have a question.

I had some pure maple syrup in a glass jar in my cupboard.

I opened it up and there was a scum on top, skimmed it off and used some syrup in the recipe (cooked).

The scum was very visible and only on top and I got all of it removed.

Is it okay to just put it in the fridge now?

Admitedly I licked the spoon (once I got the scum out). Should I be worried?!


2008 Oct 17
To follow up this thread, the cans of medium in the Market are going for $9.50. Amber and Dark are going for $9. Much more than the $5.50 we used to pay, but cheaper than the $12 you say that Loblaws is charging.

2008 Oct 5
We just picked up a jug of the maple syrup from Costco and according to the label it is Canada No.1 Medium. The syrup is from Saint Ferdinand, Quebec.
I am not a huge maple syrup fan but of what we have had so far of this, I am quite impressed. It is very enjoyable.

2008 Oct 5
Fresh Foodie - We had this discussion back in the Spring when everyone was visiting Sugar Shacks... see the discussion beginning here www.ottawafoodies.com

Prices have indeed gone thru the roof, your 1 Litre can at Costco was a bargain... did you notice the "grade"?

As said in the post, Canada Fancy was generally selling between $ 22 and $ 30 per litre in the Spring at the various sugar shacks. I know I paid between $ 20 and $ 25 for the litre I got in Prince Edward County from the farmer / family run Sugar Shack where I bought mine (it was a smaller operation). I also know, that if one was lucky enough to know a farmer personally in Eastern Ontario, a litre could be had at the time for about $ 15 to $ 20.

2008 Oct 5
We've always found the cheapest place to be the vendors in the Byward Market. We haven't been recently as we stocked up in the spring from a place in the Eastern Townships, but we've usually paid about $6 or so for a can. Perhaps they've gone up too, but they were always cheaper than Loblaws.

2008 Oct 4
It seems that two consecutive years of bad maple syrup harvests have taken their toll and prices have skyrocketed!

The 540 mL cans we used to find at Loblaws for $7 are now $12, and the 1L jugs at Costco have gone from around $10 to $15.

Where do you get your maple syrup these days?