The first "Red" in Beau's lineup, originally brewed to be featured at Ontario Festivals in the Summer of 2008 (revealed at the Franco-Ontarien Festival in June). Later in the summer a more intensely flavoured version was dubbed "Festivale Plus" and sold at the Brewery.

Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus at Beau's
Where to get Festivale Beer / Festivale Plus


2011 Jul 5
picked up 4 of these after work...I'm drinking one on the balcony right now! no glass, just straight out of the bottle ha ha!! it's great, more bitterness than lug tread, toasted flavours, very clean finish.

2011 Jul 5
This might help tourist.

2011 Jul 5
thanks for the heads up. unfortunately it doesn't look like my neigbourhood LCBO has it, but i don't mind making a detour to get it!

2011 Jul 5
It's out! Check your local LCBO. Only had a few left when I picked up four today at the Bank warehouse location.

2009 Jul 21
I went to the brewery last week to buy the festivale with a friend of mine and we went home with a trunk full.
Extraordinarily delicious and refreshing. Crisp citrus flavor with a little bit of sweet.
I've finished off every bottle... going back on another road trip to the brewery tomorrow.

Three cheers to Beau's on this one.

2009 Jun 20
2009 Summer Seasonal

Release Date - June 21, 2009 (Summer Solstice / Father's Day)

2008 Sep 28
Was introduced in the Summer of 2008, and sold exclusively at Ontario Festivals (like the Franco-Ontarien Festival in Ottawa) and thru the Brewery (when available). A more intensely "Festivale Plus" was revealed later in the summer and sold at the Brewery and again at select events.

I had a "sample" of the original Festivale, and I enjoyed it. "The Man" had a glass of Festivale Plus at the Vankleek Hill Festival of Flavours late September, and he liked it a lot, but Beau's Lug Tread is still is favourite!


2009 Jul 28
Festivale is available as the draught of the month for July/August at Pub Italia. Ordered some last night with my pizza and salad.

Very delicious, refreshing and with a hint of citrus. Yum yum.

2011 Jul 5
Seen on tap here! Oh, and they also have Magnum ice cream bars and great music. I'm starting to love this place!