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Vietnamese noodle bowl -- rice vermicelli topped with meats and/or spring rolls, lettuce, beansprouts, scallions, slice tomato, etc. Dressed with a bowl of nuoc cham.

Bún - Vermicelli at Pho Van Van
Bún - Vermicelli at Pho By Night
Bún - Vermicelli at Phuket Royal
Bún - Vermicelli at @ 36 Pho
Bún - Vermicelli at Pho Tuan
Bún - Vermicelli at Merivale Noodle House
Bún - Vermicelli at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bún - Vermicelli at @ 36 Pho
Bún - Vermicelli at Huong's Vietnamese Bistro
Bún - Vermicelli at @ 36 Pho
Bún - Vermicelli at Phnom Penh
Bún - Vermicelli at Phnom Penh
Bún - Vermicelli at Phnom Penh
Bún - Vermicelli at New Mee Fung
Bún - Vermicelli at New Mee Fung
Where to get Bún - Vermicelli


2018 Mar 11
Another great deal. $9 for grilled pork, pork meatballs and shrimp on a bamboo stick on vermicelli noodles and vegetables. Mix in the fish sauce, a bit of hoisin and hot sauce, and it’s perfect. It is one of the best in town.

2017 Sep 3
The Bún Chả Giò Tôm ($9) was tasty and hit the spot! Lots of crunchy bean sprouts and lettuce, vermicelli, a spring roll, ten tasty tôm (shrimp). Stirred up with the nước chấm dipping sauce, this made for a wonderful light dinner.

If you don't want meat, you can get bún with just spring rolls for a mere $7.50. A steal to be sure!


2018 Sep 2
Delicious grilled pork and Vietnamese spring rolls on vermicelli. The spring rolls were made with rice wraps, filled with minced pork, chopped shrimp, mushrooms and vermicelli. They are the best in town. The dish was very fresh and the flavours well balanced. I am curious to try other of their dishes now.


2008 Aug 16
BBQ pork vermicelli

2007 Sep 23
Spring roll, BBQ beef, and BBQ shrimp.

2019 May 22
A little on the expensive side but it was a choice of 2 meats and 1 spring roll. It was all very tasty with a good mix of shredded vegetables and vermicelli.

2019 Apr 24
Grilled pork and spring rolls on vermicelli was very good. There were mint leaves mixed in with the vegetables at the bottom.

2018 Sep 1
This was the most successful (and photogenic) dish we ordered. The shrimp were plump and tasty, the beef was tender and charred with lemongrass and sugar in that addictive Vietnamese way. I'd get this one again!

2018 Oct 29
Grilled pork and spring roll on vermicelli

2018 Jan 23
Grilled chicken and shrimps on vermicelli. Delicious sauce and fresh vegetables. This remains one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Ottawa. I wish I lived closer!

2016 Nov 5
Got the delicious Bún chả Hà Nội, which included grilled sliced pork and pork meatballs served in a mild yet tasty sauce. This place has kind service and nice decor as well.



2011 Apr 15
A second (and better) photograph of the Exotic Noodle (N3) dish. So tasty, I just can't order anything else here!

Service is always friendly, and the atmosphere is pleasant and subdued.

2010 Apr 22
When I come here for lunch, I inevitably order the Exotic Noodle because it is so delicious! However, I decided I needed to broaden my horizons a little... and ordered the only other dish that includes the scrumptious spring rolls: Poh Piah Supreme (N2)

Poh Piah Supreme is similar in structure to Exotic Noodle -- just delete beef and sauces, and add char-grilled pork and shrimp. The pork and shrimp were tasty, with a nice deep grilled flavour. I was very happy with it, but would still favour the Exotic Noodle for its addictive red sauce.

2009 Feb 6
I savoured a bowl of Exotic Noodle (N3) for lunch today. The lemongrass beef is quite different from the grilled kind you find at Vietnamese restaurants. It has a dark red colour and a pleasantly rich caramelized flavour. The white sauce in the photo is coconut, which helps mellow out the beef.

The great thing about this dish is that it contains a couple of delicious meat spring rolls -- perfect for lunch, when it's sometimes hard to justify having an appetizer. The bowl of fish sauce was awesome and made the noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts, and cucumber quite delectable.

2008 Aug 18
The chicken is very bland (basically an unseasoned breast thrown on a charbroiler) but the beef is very tasty :) The Pork is hit and miss.. sometimes fabulous, sometimes - not.



Oct 18
Grilled beef and pork and spring roll on vermicelli take out order. You can pay at the counter or they can bring it to your car, if you ask while ordering.