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Gỏi Cuốn (Summer Roll) at Pho Kam Long
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2010 Nov 3
I've been hemming and hawing as to whether I wanted to post this new comment and I finally decided that it needed to be done after my second visit.

Not long after after posting my last post, I returned to find Pho Kam Long under new management. However the menu was still the same, so I wasn't worried.

I did miss my old servers, but I guess we'll get to know the new ones!

Sadly however, the menu is not up to par as it once was. The fresh rolls are smaller and not as fresh and missing some ingredients.

I cannot confirm this, but I also believe the price went up for certain items. Two chicken fresh rolls now cost $6.95 or thereabouts. I can get two orders of the same back in Montreal for $9. If the rolls were the same as previous, I could certainly understand the cost as they were a step above in my book; but now they are just like every other vietnamese restaurant.

Not that that is bad, as I would certainly eat there if it were close by to me as I really enjoy viet. But sadly I have no reason to venture there when there are other vietnamese restaurants in my area.

As for the service, I don't feel comfy commenting as I knew the others well; so it is not fair to the new staff who could be just as great!

2010 Feb 26
I concur Nemesis - delivery from here would be awesome, and I too have referred to them as a more "fine dining viet resto" to others. I've been out of town for a few weeks and I can't wait to go and have some of my fav rolls at Pho Kam Long!

2010 Feb 23
I couldn't agree more with PEJDADDY the broth is so clean that i can actually taste the chicken in my bowl, it seems as if they really stew up the chicken for hours and hours to get that chicken broth out of the chicken A+++. Compare to other vietnamese restaurant that dump a crap load of MSG in there. You can chuck a whole pitcher of water after dinner.

This restaurant really uses fresh ingredients, I think alot of these restaurant reuses their vegetables, you just never know what kinda germs have gone through all those dirty lettuce or beans sprout especially, in outer skirts restaurant where they keep reusing their beans sprouts till they turn black. In my opinion this restaurant is really clean and i hope it stays that way. Fine Dining is what they should add in there

I find that their service is alright most restaurants really lack customer services.
But most often times you will find that good restaurant has really bad service but the food makes it all up.

Once again thanks to a couple of the reviews that tells us what is good and what is to avoid,

Feedback is what makes the restaurant healthy.
"I suggest they do delivery i will order everyday."

2010 Jan 29
Actually getting up to pay doesn't really bother me that much.

We seemed to be kept waiting between after dinner before dessert lol.

It doesn't bother me that much as I'm from Montreal, and the french way of doing things is for one to simply call the waiter - it is not considered rude.

I too enjoyed the fact that they were large (I make them myself and cannot get them as wide!).

My old regular delivery place Vietnamese Kitchen had rolls with meat in them, but the pork was often fatty (they were still good though!); but Pho Kam Long has beat any other place for me.

2010 Jan 29

thanks for confirming. i was REALLY surprised that the rice rolls were fresh which had cold noodles, and fillings, and the meat was warm and freshly bbq'd, then wrapped in the rice paper. the temperature contrast and fresh 'off-the-grill' taste sold me. they were portioned generously which is a plus.

i have noticed that the service in many vietnamese restos is more restrained, less interactive, still polite but is not as catered to one's every whim. perhaps it is the culture? i've always had to make way to the front desk where they stand behind, to pay the bill. maybe that is why they have a "front desk" overlooking the dining room? no biggie, just an observation.

2010 Jan 29
After reading Pej Daddy's review below, I just had to go!

I now think this place has the best fresh rolls in Ottawa. Only a place in Vancouver (Chau) has bettered or equaled. The fried bananas are wonderful too! We also had the papaya salad which we found to be good too.

I would even venture to call this a more "fine dining" vietnamese than some others I have been to.

The ingredients in the rolls are super fresh! I have found that the meat in rolls at many places to be quite fatty - not these ones.

I would agree with PD that the fish sauce was a little on the bland side, but the more I dug into my rolls, the more I didn't even notice that!

The staff were a bit strange. We had to call over the waiter a couple of times as we sat there after finishing our meal, and another waiter didn't get the order right, but they are super friendly and willing to please so it didn't really phase us.

Also, there is a trend with fresh rolls in vietnamese restaurants to NOT list all the ingredients on the menu. I'm not sure why, but I think it would be a good idea to do so.

I like it so much I'm going there again tonight :)

2010 Jan 16
bbq pork & shrimp pho @ pho kam long. nice and clean tasting pho (close to being on par with that of 'pho van van' on holland which my (taste) buds rate top 3 in ottawa), owing prolly to the none-use of MSG or cheap stale broth. i say request a side of satay sauce to add to this mofo pho and you're in for a wild ride. instead of trying to cure that wicked sore throat with gargling with broken glass, i find a huge bowl o' pho does the trick. it's like chicken soup for kings. i only wish pho kam long had size XL for their pho's with only M and L on the menu as it IS a man-sized predicament.

NOTE: behind the cash, they do have an ultra cool minimalist yet modern aquarium with huge cichlids. totally relaxes you as you pay your bill.

2010 Jan 16
This restaurant have a relaxed atmosphere. The last time I went there didn't notice the wraps that is on the picture of PEJ DADDY, I always had the A1(Shrimp paper wrap) it's JUMMY, the next time i gotta try what's on the picture. I highly recommed this restaurant...



2010 Jan 14
PejDaddy - is the sauce pictured there nước mắm? Some people call it fish sauce (it is not just the sauce from the bottle, but a mixture of that sauce and other ingredients).

They look pretty good, think I will go there tomorrow!

2010 Jan 10
bbq beef and bbq pork rice paper wraps @ pho kam long. house-made fresh to order!!! these were quite generous in size and uber healthy you will love yourself fit and naked. the seasoned and bbq beef and pork were nicely warm on the inside with cooler vermicelli and veg fillings. the vinegar dipping sauce was TOO mild though -- something that i've found with common with vietnamese cuisine. these are so good, you can have them anytime of the day including your daydreams, nightdreams and smiling all the way.