Funnel Cake at East Side Mario's
Funnel Cake at East Side Mario's
Where to get Funnel Cake

2007 Sep 15
Yep, HOT, Wonderland is the only place I've ever had funnel cake and it was great! Highly recommended (with the usual fairground food caveats).

Many cultures seem to have desserts that are similar to funnel cake -- in which a batter is drizzled into hot fat to form a flat and round but intricately patterned "cracker." Then they are dredged in rose water or honey syrup or icing sugar. Oh yum!

2007 Sep 15
Hmmmmm...I must admit that I had no idea what funnel cake was, so I did a little research. My sources told me it is available at Canada's Wonderland as well - not in Ottawa of course - but close enough if you are absolutely desperate.


2010 May 25
i never order deserts but sometimes i have to make an exception: OUTMUTHA****INSTANDING funnel cake @ ESM. absolutely worth the detour just to order this $5.95 bones cheap desert to transport you back to those amazing childhood memories at canada's wonderland. it is a SHAME that not many resto's serve funnel cake. dough squirted through a tube in hot oil, then dressed beavertail style with cinnamon + sugar + ice cream with caramel + chocolate sauce. such a dish loaded with tradition, evokes the most pleasant memories, hot-cold differential, varying textures... this is worthy of michelin status LMAO!!!!

2008 May 25
I've been wanting to try this ever since MelodySoul mentioned that ESM offers it. Last night, following a relatively light meal at Taste of Japan in Bells Corners, was the perfect opportunity.

In contrast to what you get at Paramount Canada's Wonderland, the ESM version lacks soft serve and whole strawberries. However, the hard ice cream and strawberry sauce are still very good. And the whipped cream and caramel sauce are welcome additions. All in all, a fantastic dessert for once in a while. It would be great for sharing but I ate the whole thing. ;-)

2008 May 1
I've got to say... we've been known to stop by an ESM just for the funnel cakes from time to time... guilty pleasure, I must admit, but these are a childhood fav!

2007 Sep 14
East Side Mario's is pretty average at best but they have funnel cake and I don't know of anywhere else that does besides a fairground. Their version is topped with ice cream and strawberry and caramel sauce. Yum!

2013 Jun 14
'k I'll change it then. I originally called it "Funnel Shack" because that's what the Carp Farmers Market website has it listed as. Errors propagate!

2013 Jun 13
They are called The Funnel Cake Shop at the Carp Farmers Market

2013 Jun 5
They are making the best Funnel Cakes from a vendor (the Funnel Cake Shop) at the Carp Farmers Market....they have plain funnel cake also ones with fesh strawberries, bannanas , ice cream
They Vendor informed me that they will be adding choices as the season goes on.