Fried Zucchini
Where to get Fried Zucchini

2015 Jul 15
La Roma on Preston nails zuchini friti. Skinny but with nice variation from somewhat to extremely skinny, tasty consistent breading, nice dipping sauce. I have yet to find these better elsewhere.

2015 Jul 13
My favourites are from Lieutenant's Pump and Fratelli Westboro. The Barley Mow Westboro comes in close, but they are a thick cut zucchini sticks, not the long skinny variety.

2015 Jul 12
Recently had zucchini sticks at La Strada (Glebe), they were delicious. Long, thinly sliced and fresh tasting. Also ordered them at the Arrow and the Loon (Glebe), they weren't bad, grocery store/M&M frozen type.

Are there any updated restaurant recommendations for fried zucchini sticks?

2011 Dec 20
Just read Fresh Foodies review of Da Santino and he mentioned the zucchini sticks being unusually thin.

I just got back from Italy and everywhere we had them they were very thin and also VERY delicious.

I prefer them that way then the thick cut method over here.

Here is a photo from Ristorante Otello alla Concordia on Via della Croce in Rome.

Also on the plate: zucchini flower fritters - yum!

(Sorry - pic is sideways - how to fix that?)

2011 Aug 11
If you have a hankering for Fried Zucchini and are in the west end - Take a drive to Stittsville to Pocopazzo Italian Eatery in the strip mall across from the Old Flea Market - My better half received a gift certificate for Christmas and finally decided to try it out - a little out of the way - but we were in Kanata for something else.

They were thin, long, and lightly dusted - they reminded me of how they used to be made at Hemmingway's on Carling before they burnt down( I think I just aged myself).

Quite a nice surprise - so much so - we have been back twice and, although small, great service and ambience.

2007 Aug 26
Other than the beer there are a few things that are good at Pub Italia & one of them is definatley the zucchini stick.
Nothing like a Leffe Brun & zucchini sticks!!!


2007 Apr 18
One of the better places in the city for it, though I'm open to suggestions -- never having quite gotten over the Elephant & Castle taking it off their menu; that was truly great fried zucchini...


2007 Sep 20
Such a simple dish but restaurants on Preston KNOW how to make fried zucchini. Long and thin strips cook perfectly so the zucchini isn't mushy on the inside. La Vecchia Trattoria has it mastered.




2013 May 2
Had a dinner with fiancée earlier tonight and as she has a soft spot for fried zucchini, I took heed of the comments for this restaurant and wanted to taste for myself. No disappointment here! Both of us ate the large portion of thinly cut strips of the benign vegetable. They really season the breading well with perhaps a bit too much salt, but it makes you dive into the garlic based dip that tempered and complimented it well. Reminds me of what they used to serve at Hemmingway's years ago. Closest to this now might be Pocco Pazzo in Kanata. Wish I had taken a picture, but had already wolfed it all down before I realised my blunder...oh well, will give me a reason to go back. I DID get pics for the rest of the meal, and will post accordingly.