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Firm, fan-finned fish that is the base of many a Goan recipe. Almost always found flash-frozen.

Pomfret at Grace Ottawa
Where to get Pomfret

2007 Jul 6
thanks momo.. but don't break a sweat.... not dying to cook it soon...

2007 Jul 5
LiveToEat: I'm still looking ;)

2007 Jun 28
and where can one find this in ottawa?

2007 May 4
Dude, yes: deep-fried would be so good. The only ways I've had it are stuffed with coriander chutney (or any other spice mix of your choice), and then pan-fried. Served whole, one fish per person, and preferably without utensils.

2007 Apr 30
it taste good when deep fried as well.


2009 Jan 27
hmmmm Black Pomfret!!!!!!!!

Love it!
first had it while working at a Thai resto
love it grilled with lemongrass and lime

or deep-fried crisp and dressed with lime, Lao herbs, fried garlic and chilis

or steamed with fermented black beans (chili-garlic sauce on side for me!)

wow..I need to grab a couple this week and try it with my latest batch of Jamaican jerk paste

2007 Aug 31
Huzzah! I found frozen, whole (heads-on, guts-in) black pomfret at my new favourite store. Haven't bought any yet, though, so how *good* the pomfret is will wait for another day.