Where to get Wedge Fries

2008 Jul 17
Mary Brown's is the best fast food fried chicken chain imo.... so tasty!!!! I miss it =( There does not seem to be one in Ottawa.

2008 Jul 17
I do remember Mary's Brown's wedge fries, and they were yummy.
BigMouth, I also like the wedge fries at Loblaws - I find they go really well with malt vinegar and New York Fries California seasoning.

2008 Jul 15
Does anyone remember Mary Brown's Chicken? They had the yummiest wedge fries but I don't think they operate in this part of the country anymore although they still might be around in the maritimes.

2008 Jul 15
Big Mouth - You are forgiven... LOL, looks like you missed "confession" a couple of months ago... Forum Topic entitled "Hang Your Foodie Head in Shame" www.ottawafoodies.com

Once you've read it, you'll see that wedge fries at Loblaws is pretty timid in the scheme of things. ;-)

2008 Jul 15
I'd hate to discredit myself with this entry (of course, I have no real accreditation anyhow), but I do love the wedge fries at Loblaws. Should I duck my head - are foodies throwing things at me?

Yup, it's true. They are really good -- with lots and lots of ketchup!

2007 Aug 26
The Manx, so good.

2007 Feb 16
Finally found them, at the Kentucky Fried on Baseline near Algonquin College.

It also had a "Greek" (uh huh) pasta salad, and a 'marinated vegetable salad' I'd never seen before...