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Baguette at Art Is In Bakery
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2010 Aug 15
So I heard from a little bird that the aiib baguette is questionable because it is too tasty -- due to the oil content.

The little bird said that it is very possible that a layer of oil has been brushed on each baguette before baking them on a very high heat (500F).

Any oil is bad when heated at a very high heat.

Anybody can confirm this?

2010 Jul 6
I picked up a baguette today at the Ottawa Bagel Shop and I'm a little annoyed. It was definately not fresh. I thought it felt a little bit hard but thought maybe the crust was a little on the thick side. When I left the store, I ripped the end off to sink my teeth into some fresh bread and they almost couldn't sink.

I really should have turned around and took it back but I just kept thinking, maybe the ends got over baked. Things did not get any better further into the loaf and it became apparent that it wasn't so fresh by the texture of the inside. $3.50 to the green bin.

I certainly don't blame Art is In for what happens to their product after it leaves their care. I'm just disappointed that the shop would sell it.

2010 May 17
I definately like their bread. The quality is very consistent.

Their baguette is rather rich when compared to a traditional french baguette. This is not a bad thing but I think putting butter on it might be overkill.

2009 Aug 20
At a weekend BBQ, I snapped up a piece of baguette for my dinner plate. I took one bite and... deliciousness...*swoon* :)

I asked the hostess and low and behold it was an Art-Is-In baguette.

A different fermentation process is used for the recipe, yielding a slightly salty, moist, rich flavour. And amazing texture!

Initially I thought that they used parmesan cheese in the bread, but no; it was simply a mature pre-ferment process.

I second Fresh Foodie's sentiments, incredible!

2006 Dec 3
We picked up a small Art-is-in baguette from Thyme & Again (Thyme And Again) on Saturday, and we were not disappointed! This bread lived up to all our expectations and then some. I had planned to enjoy some good salami with it but ended up eating it as is. Definitely the tastiest baguette in Ottawa!

The crust is thin and crispy with a delicious salty sheen to it, as though it had been brushed or sprayed with brine during the baking. (Good breads are usually cooked in a steam-injection oven to develop a great crust. Maybe they use salt water here??)

The crumb is just incredible! Wonderfully chewy, with a perfect balance of airiness and moisture, and a rich, almost buttery, flavour.

I should warn you that this is not a normal baguette! It has certain characteristics in common with focaccia and croissants -- it doesn't need any toppings (not even butter). Superior though it is, I would choose a less rich tasting baguette (like Première Moisson or ACE) if I were making sandwiches.

For me, good bread is the ultimate comfort food. I'm thrilled to have a new source for it!


2006 Oct 17
Première Moisson! Crusty and chewy with excellent flavour.


2007 Mar 29
Much preferred to ACE and Art-is-in; whole wheat is great for heartier dishes like roast beef and some pasta dishes.
Miche also available but not as good as Adonis Pastries/Bakery was (ex-Blackburn Hamlet, long-ago sold/merged Swiss Pastries.)