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Also called Devonshire cream.

Clotted Cream
Where to get Clotted Cream

2013 Apr 6

Made Orange Blueberry Scones from the Orange Cranberry Scone recipe on Epicurious using 1 cup frozen blueberries instead of cranberry and adding the juice of the orange.

Made 3 rounds of 6 wedges each (so 18 scones) rather than the 8 scones the recipe specified.

Served it with the devonshire cream and sugerfree blueberry jam.

2013 Mar 21
ah missed that one...

2013 Mar 20
I know it's a post from 2008 but .....


2013 Mar 20
Needed to go to Glass Menders at St. Laurent and Walkley with my Dad's car to get the windshield replaced so stopped at Loblaw and Elmvale.

After a lot of searching, found the Double Devonshire cream in the Deli section next to the dips. $5 for a 170g jar and it last till Dec 2013.

I think Farmboy might be more my go to spots for this since I am not at Elmvale area that often. I do make an occassional trip to a larger farmboy for some stuff.

2013 Mar 18
FoodTravel If you are ever in the Byward Market area The House of Cheese sells Devonshire cream. I think the International House of Cheese sells it as well.

2013 Mar 17
Called the Loblaw at Elmavale and was transferred to Deli? and was told they were out currently and will be ordered next week.

Called the Loblaws near me and they need to find some better qualified staff. One thought it was in a can under PC brand and one thought it was a powder. uhmm no try again.

Called several Farmboys and the little one closest to me at Montreal Rd do not have them but the 2 Orleans one, the new trainyard one and the Merivale Rd one all had them. Will swing by one of them to pick some up.

2013 Mar 15
Devonshire cream is also available at Farm Boy. I've bought it at the Merivale location. It's usually in a small cooler in the bakery section. Or in the dairy section.

2013 Mar 15

We have bought Devonshire cream several times there. It's in a small jar with a blue label.

It used to be with the butter but they moved it to the milk, sour cream and cream cheese section.

2013 Mar 14
Thanks for the tip ksw. Which area in Loblaws did you find it?

I have made scones before and they are fairly easy to make. But the devonshire cream and nice jam takes it up to the next level. Heaven as ksw says.

2013 Mar 14
I just bought a jar of Devonshire cream last weekend at Loblaws (Elmvale) for the raspberry scones I made.

It was thick and creamy and I topped it with Bonne Maman strawberry jam. Heaven!