Recipe: Injera

After craving Ethiopian food for several weeks, I was ready to try my hand at making the tangy and super nutritious flatbread called injera.

There are many recipes out there, ranging from super authentic 100% teff flour ones that require careful fermentation all the way down to “quick and easy” versions that promise great results in a couple hours. I opted for something on the more authentic end of the spectrum, albeit with only 50% teff flour as this was going to be my kids’ first exposure to Ethiopian cuisine. Please visit Owl Haven for the recipe I used.

What to eat with it?

I made two recipes this time: a “kid-friendly” cabbage, carrot, tomato, peanut butter concoction I found, and a more authentic lentil dish, misir wot, stewed with onions, garlic, ginger, and a heady bouquet of spices. The latter was positively delicious and even my kids preferred it over the first! 😍

The misir wot was absolutely incredible and would be perfect with rice even if you can’t be bothered to make injera. Please visit Kitchen Frau for the excellent misir wot recipe. I prepared it exactly as written, except I didn’t measure the oil and likely used about ¼ cup, less than her recipe. Can’t wait to try her other recipes!

The recipe calls for Berbere spice mix and I used a Knorr one from the Real Canadian Superstore here in Ottawa but you could easily make your own. The ingredients are all regular pantry items for an adventurous cook—if you’re missing any of them, they’re worth buying in their own right. Daring Gourmet has a recipe that looks a lot like what’s in the ingredient list of the packaged version.