Welcome to my little corner of the interweb! Here I plant ramblings, recipes, and renderings for your perusal and potential pleasure.

My bio from the previous Ottawa Foodies site follows.

When I moved from Victoria BC to Ottawa in the mid 1990s the restaurants were mostly uninteresting. Starting in the early 2000s the quality and variety really started to improve. Even better, our food choices and ingredients approached that of a truly metropolitan city. Tracking the availability of hard to find foods has always been a hobby of mine and until I created Ottawa Foodies there was no good way to share it.

You can find me on Instagram as @warby613 and on Twitter as @warby and @OttawaFoodies. If you’re a potential employer, feel free to browse my professional credentials.

Ancient history

I was born into a family that loves food. My Swiss mom is known for her wholesome and satisfying family meals, not to mention her elaborate holiday spreads. My British dad loves to eat and wash dishes. As a child, I would sit on a tall chair next to the stove and watch Mom’s every move as she concocted wonderful feasts. Money was tight early on and much of our fare was prepared from scratch: home-baked bread, rustic soups, sweet and savoury pies, jams and jellies, kefir popsicles, birchermuesli, a dozen kinds of cookies at Christmas. We grew apples, pears, walnuts, raspberries, and plenty of vegetables in our modest yard. We braved brambles to binge on blackberries and we plucked plump prawns from the Pacific. There was always Swiss chocolate and cheese. My grandmother mailed chocolate from Switzerland as Lindt was not available in Canada in the 1980s. See how far we’ve come!!

Mom’s Swiss Christmas cookies. Still going strong in 2022!