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2018 Oct 20
This bountiful board of delightful decadence is the Fish Tacos ($15 + $1.50 for half-half fries and salad). What what!!

In the ByWard Market, it's hard to beat The Brig for value and deliciousness. The standard fries and salad are both really good, so it always makes sense to splash out the extra buck fifty for both.

The only bad thing I can say about this lunch is that the tacos are kind of hard to eat with all those amazingly juicy fillings of dressed cabbage and pico de gallo.

2018 Sep 15
The Falafel and Avocado Wrap ($14) was very good. I can never choose between salad and fries (why should anyone have to?) so I opted to pay the extra $1.50 to get half of each. It was more like ¾ of each though so the extra cost was well worth it!

The fries here are excellent and the salad is of reliable quality, albeit a little on the sweet side. The wrap was good too, with lots of veggies and sauce to keep everything lubricated. However, I'm not generally a big wrap person and I ended up disembowelling the second half of my wrap and leaving the shell squashed on my plate like some rejected entomological exoskeleton. I want my calorie-dense foods to taste amazing.

Wrap pickiness aside, I'd totally get this again!

2018 Aug 31
We stopped by for lunch and loved it! The steak was very tender and perfectly cooked to medium rare. The fried cauliflower dish got rave reviews by everyone who tried it. Lots of reasons to love this place and eat the cauliflower.

2018 Feb 11
The Brig continues to delight! The Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($15) was excellent. Perhaps a little on the sweet side for my personal taste but the flavours were good and the textures were fantastic. It's a big hunk of chicken so I was happy to have opted for salad instead of fries as the side. Would totally recommend!

2018 Jan 13
The Crispy Fish Sandwich ($15) looks quite different from the one I had last October. That one featured a generous slab of Art-Is-In baguette. Since then, they experimented with a softer baguette and then moved to this even less interesting (but also less carby) bun. The appeal of this dish now comes from the fish, cabbage slaw, aļoli dressing, jalapeńo relish, and of course the excellent fries!

The food here is always pretty great but I should give a shout out to Chelsey, whose super cheerful welcomes and consistently genial service are a big part of the draw for my coworkers and me.

2017 Oct 29
I enjoyed the lunch menu Kimchi B.L.T. Sandwich ($13) accompanied by a heap of their great fries. The kimchi was quite generous and gave the sandwich some heat and a welcome veggie-like crunch.

A side note: one of my lunching companions ordered the Crispy Fish Sandwich I was raving about on my previous visit. It was still very good, but the bread was a more standard bun like the one pictured here rather than the superlative Art-Is-In baguette I experienced last time.

2017 Oct 9
Wow! The Crispy Fish Sandwich ($15) was an excellent lunch indeed. Two hunks of panko breaded cod on a generous slab of the iconic Art-Is-In Dynamite White baguette dressed with a really nice coleslaw, house made aļoli dressing, and jalapeńo relish. Choice of fries or salad, and the fries were some of the best I've had in a pub.

The Amsterdam Downtown Brown Ale went well with my meal, although it was a little steep at $6.64 for a 16 oz "sleeve” (why can't we get proper 20 oz pints of beer anymore).

Two thumbs up and I'll definitely be back for lunch!

2011 Jul 10
I had Caesars on the patio out back today. Great service, nice and spicy, always love a good spicy bean in my Caesar as an alternative to celery. Will defiantly try the food next time.

2011 Apr 21
So the Brig is back in full steam. They have a slightly updated menu with a quite a few gems! The beer selection is so- so, but they do have St. Amboise, so I am happy.

I had the Grouper with Scallop(s) over a potato pancake and vegetables. The sea food was fantastic, but the menu was misleading as I only got one singular scallop. Since it was a celebration night, I didn’t throw a stink. The food was really good though and the atmosphere is sweet. Over all a great night with some good friends.

Sorry for the crappy blackberry photos.

2011 Apr 21
Mixed Game burger with caramelized apples(?). I tried the apples which were good. My buddy thought the burger was fantastic.


2017 Nov 13
You're burying the lead here, there's no blue cheese in the Brig's Cobb? ಠ_ಠ

2017 Nov 12
The Chicken Cobb Salad ($15) was nutritious and satisfying with a variety of flavours and textures. The chicken had a great grilled flavour, making it a nice flashback to summer sensations and the crispy bacon and parmesan cheese added the dash of sin that makes a healthy life worth living.

Even though I love the fries here I would totally have the cobb salad again!

2017 Dec 7
The Duck Confit Poutine ($14) was exactly as it should be: excellent fries, lots of tender duck leg, generous gooey cheese curds, and a nice meaty gravy. It was easily enough for my lunch although our server mentioned that she didn't remember it being so big. Highly recommended!