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Cobb Salad at Aulde Dubliner
Cobb Salad at The King Eddy
Cobb Salad at The Brig Pub
Where to get Cobb Salad

2017 Nov 13
You're burying the lead here, there's no blue cheese in the Brig's Cobb? ಠ_ಠ

2017 Nov 12
The Chicken Cobb Salad ($15) was nutritious and satisfying with a variety of flavours and textures. The chicken had a great grilled flavour, making it a nice flashback to summer sensations and the crispy bacon and parmesan cheese added the dash of sin that makes a healthy life worth living.

Even though I love the fries here I would totally have the cobb salad again!

2018 Jan 6
A super hearty and delicious Cobb Salad ($13.99) here, loaded with nicely dressed veggies, blue cheese, chicken breast, ham, pickled egg, and hummus. Loved it!

2018 Jan 6
Nicely presented and tasting pretty good too, this Irish Cobb Salad ($15) features an interesting array of matchstick ingredients including apple! The decidedly non-Irish Scotch Egg was a nice touch although it didn't have much in the way of flavour. So say yes to the pepper and enjoy this fresh feast!