Foods from Stoneface Dolly's

2007 Jan 17
I had kind of a surreal dining experience here last spring. I wandered in about 4:45 pm and the server asked if I had a reservation. Looking around the EMPTY dining room, I asked "Um, do I need one?" and was seated. I ordered my meal (green thai curry pasta) and a half litre of white. Server brought the bread plate, I opened my book and TRIED to read. During the course of my meal the server asked me how things were etc about 8 times. The last time she asked me if she could get me anything, I had to stop myself from saying "Yes, some more tables so you can stop bothering me." Service was irritating to the point that I wished I had ordered just one glass of wine so I could leave faster. Inattentive service is frustrating, but so is being hounded while you are just trying to eat your meal and read quietly.

ETA that the food was quite good, no complaints there.

2007 Jan 16
Have been here several times for dinner. It is intimate (only 6-7 tables) with one chef and one server. But the food is consistently good and fresh, the service friendly and very good bang for the buck. This is one of our favourite fall back restaurants. You know...when you just can't decide where to go....

Don't expect the same atmosphere as the one on Preston Street. This one is a little stark, hole-in-the-wall type place with an open view to the kitchen.

Man that guy behind that counter can juggle a load of orders at once. Pretty impressive.

The only draw back I have is that I wish they had a little better wine selection, but what they have is not marked up off the map, so drink up!!

2006 Nov 3
Only been for brunch and it is amazing! Very busy but worth it.