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2014 May 14
When we go a flyer in the mail revealing that they now had broasted chicken and my curiosity took over. We got the 15 piece meal with wedge potatoes, coleslaw, garlic sauce and three drinks for $21. Things did not go so well when we got our chicken home. Upon opening the bucket of chicken a distinctive burnt oil smell wafted up. Aside from the small wings and legs the breasts and thighs were a good size but woefully everything was overdone and that distinctive burnt oil taste had taken over the chicken. What is one to do? From past experiences I know complaining was going to result in a confrontation I just didn't want to deal with. Any cook could tell that this should not be sent out and done over yet they still packed it into a bucket. You would think with the competition that opened up across the street they would make sure everything was perfect. Oh well another foodie lesson learned.

2010 Nov 28
I love the Shawarma here. Probably the only Shawarma joint that could battle against Shawarma Palace and the real Maroush (Elgin/Gatineau).

The chicken, garlic, tabouli and pickles are amazing. The rest doesn't matter as long as you drown it in Garlic.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. To bad it's far from downtown.

2010 May 15
beef shawarma plate @ SStation. not bad. generous portions. bland rice was the only kicker. garlicly evilness guaranteed. side o' garlic tatoes, garlic chicken shawarma sammich togo. with garlic oozing out of every pore and orifice, i wonder how shawarma lovers make out after a garlicly meal????

2009 Oct 24
This place is close by so I stop in at lunch often for fresh zatar and cheese pies. Today was an exceptional day. The baker was very generous with the veggies today. They have now added onions to their mix. I had a zatar and cheese pie with onions, olives ,tomato,pickle. They were stuffed. Very tasty and inexpensive.

2009 Oct 29
I've been eating shwarma there for years (since it opened) and they are very tasty. The platters are generous and they have a variety to choose from. Their potatoes are the best I have ever had, the rice is soooo moist and they always have fresh stuffed grape leaves on hand which I love.