Foods from Red Dot Cafe

2011 Jan 18
My father loves this place, but it's rather out of the way for me but he finally persuaded me to go last week.

I ordered the country fried chicken and upgraded my side to sweet potato fries. The chicken didn't have enough gravy in my opinion, which made it slightly dry. The sweet potato fries were good though, and came with a spicy/creamy/sweet dipping sauce.

What actually stood out about the meal for me was the starter - you had a choice of soup or salad, and I chose the soup. It was beef noodle, and it was the best soup I've had in years. Seriously, they could have just brought out a larger bowl for my meal and I would have been happy.

2009 Sep 12
Ken V - Your comments on The Red Dot Cafe have given me a craving for their sticky toffee cake. It is moist (with dates), tasty and served with a to die for caramel/toffee sauce. Your classic English Sticky Toffee pudding. They have lots of desserts, but this one was the big hit with us. It is a bit out of the way, but would hit the spot if you wanted just dessert.

We too have been here with our family (including kids) and it was very friendly, accomodating and the food was tasty and priced right. It is a lovely restaurant for a young family outing as they not only have the usual colouring stuff for the kids but also a bucket of toys - a bonus in my books.

2009 Sep 12
Had dinner here last night with another couple. Seems to be a popular place in Osgoode. A steady stream of people were through with not many vacant tables betwee 6 and 8pm. Country cooking nothing fancy meat and potatoes kind of place. The quality was good with large portions. We had the sampler platter with most of their apps on it,onion rings, zucchini stix,potato skins,chicken wings,nachos. My friend swayed me to try the country fried chicken with white gravy pepper sauce and I went with the rice intead of fries. Should have had the fries they were hand cut giant fries that actually tasted like potatoes a change from the battered processed ones most restaurants serve these days. A good family restaurant. I'm partial to more spice but good food for a good price.

2008 Jan 22
The Dot is a great family restaurant. We were a party of four adults and three kids under the age 5. The service was great and the server even punched in the kids orders first so they wouldn't get too restless (thanks). They also supplied a bunch of toys and crayons for the kids.
All of our food was really good. Orders: fish and chips, grilled chicken burger, zucchini, penne pasta with alfredo sauce for the kids. The favorite, which has been ordered on many occasions is the Prime Rib Baguette, it is really good and usually take home half for lunch. Desserts menu is great, the sticky toffee cake is my fav.

2007 Sep 14
My parents live in Osgoode so I have been here many times. It's a fairly nice place with decent food. Nothing special but a good family restaurant. Delicious and large dessert menu!

2007 Sep 14
Tasty but a little too sweet, almost like they put sugar on them as well as salt. I really like the mustard dip that comes with them though.