Foods from Patty Boland's


2008 Aug 24
Bar none the worst bar service I have ever experienced. After spending $80 on food and drinks I went to the bar to request a jug of water for my party. I was told that I could fill my jug up out of the toilet sink because they were busy at the bar! I spoke to the manager and he defended this insane premise that I could drink from the toilet sink! He argued that the tap had "the same water" in the toilet as the tap behind the bar! Forget apologizing for even suggesting I would endanger my health by drinking water from the dirtiest tap in the premisis, he told me I was stupid for even asking them to give me a jug of water because they were "running a business"!

Beligerent, ignorant and unaplogetic staff running a bar that is a health risk. I plan to complain to the health authorities and better business bureau about my experiences at this hole.

Avoid this place like the plague, plain and simple!

2007 Mar 22
I had dinner here last week. I usually get the boxty here because I know it's good, but at the suggestion of the very cute bartender I tried one of the dishes from their "Irish menu". I chose the Apple stuffed pork loin with braised swiss chard. What a disappointment. If it weren't for the swiss chard I'd have thought I was eating at Grandma's house. Sadly, that is not a gran was a terrible cook, and pork loin isn't supposed to be tough and dry. "Braised" swiss chard apparently meant barely cooked swiss chard, and there wasn't much of it. I still like the food here, but I guess from now on I'll stick what I know is good.

2007 Mar 10
We went to Patty Boland's for dinner last night. Hubby had a pint of Guinness and I had a half-pint of Kilkenny. We shared the Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancake appetizer. There were 3 potato pancakes topped with a roll of smoked salmon, sour cream seasoned with cracked black pepper and alfalfa sprouts (I think), all served on a bed of lettuce. Everything was fresh and it was quite tasty.

Hubby had the oatmeal-crusted rainbow trout with Kedgeree rice and slightly spicy stir-fried vegetables. The trout was fantastic, very tasty and perfectly cooked. I had the chicken and leek boxty. I didn't get mashed potatoes with it, although the menu indicates it as a side. It came with the same spicy stir-fried vegetables as the trout. The boxty was very good, pieces of chicken, leek and mushroom in a cream sauce rolled in a potato pancake. Great comfort food for a chilly night!

Service was very friendly and quick even though it was busy. Even the other servers smiled at you!

2006 Nov 26
I went to Patty Boland's for dinner Saturday night. I ordered the chicken and leek boxty, and washed it down with a Magner's. The mashed potatoes could have been a little warmer, but they were tasty, and I eat them first anyway, so I didn't mind. The boxty was really good. Chicken, leeks, mushrooms and a nice thin potato pancake in a really nice creamy sauce, with vegetables on the side. I may have been biased since it was practically the only solid food I ate all weekend, but the leftovers heated up the next day were just as tasty. Service was extremely friendly and efficient. I was eating alone and staff came to my table at least 6 times during my meal. I think it only took about 10 to 15 minutes for my meal to come out of the kitchen, and the server didn't mind boxing up half of the meal I didn't eat to take with me. As far as pub food and pub service goes....highly recommended.