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2013 Nov 4
It is good pizza unless you go to the location at 169 York street. There they will skip out on toppings in order to save some money (less sauce, less meat, no cheese on subs, no fries with 10$ burger combos). They refused to offer any specials that were listed on their website, and lied to me about not offering delivery service so I wouldn't use a coupon from the entertainment book I had for that location. My friend called back asking if they had delivery and they said yes. When my friend mentioned the coupon, they said they don't offer coupons for small pizzas (the coupon WAS for 2 small pizzas). We'd had enough of the excuses and sent our business elsewhere. Really disapointing and frustrating.

2012 Feb 15
Poutine here is good.

Good pizza.. have ordered here a few times.

2009 Oct 3
It is good pizza as far as flavour goes, but really too cheesy/greasy for me. I guess I'm spoiled by so much home made pizza. The poutine pizza is kind of nifty - tastes pretty much like poutine, and yes it does have french fries on it!

2006 Dec 2
I also enjoy this pie. I like that you can order either thick or thin crust as I sometimes find thier thick crust a tad TOO thick, and it is one of the few places that has spinach as a topping. Flavourful sauce, slightly unusual flavour to it I find, which is kind of refreshing.

It's not my FAVOURITE pizza (not gooey enough for my taste), but I would still recommend it, and eat it happily if it was in front of me.

2006 Nov 26
I should not be ashamed to mention this:

They offer tortilla chips as a topping, and I like them.

Get them with a bunch of other pseudo-Mexican toppings, and it comes out quite nicely.

The couple of salads I've had from there were excellent for pizza-joint-delivery things, too.

2006 Sep 16
Tastiest cheese in town. I enjoyed this pizza.