Monkey Joe's
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Nov 22
The building is being torn down now.

The food was generally terrible, but they did have some of the only decent nachos I've had in Ottawa.

2012 Jun 20
The patio at Monkey Joe’s is always available. The lovely view of Carling Avenue is spectacular, and shouting over the construction as they rip the sewers out of Island Park is not to be missed. The dust is all the incitement you will ever need to give your hair a good wash, if you were looking for inspiration in that department. The bland yet salty food will leave you craving more beer than you really intended to drink, so you will stagger home on the jack-hammered remains of the sidewalks from a unique experience you will never forget.

2010 Mar 24
Went here cause I had too for a work meeting. The place looks like a kitschy theme park, the menu reads like the telephone book, burgers, pasta, pizza, fish, breakfast, salads, sandwiches, fajitas, stir fries, on and on!

The wait staff wearing their jovial festive vests looked a tad ironic as they glumly sat us down and asked for our order. A small wisp of forced enthusiasm sometimes crept out but quickly faded away. Is this the restaurant from the movie Office Space?!

I guess to play it safe I ordered the burger. My mistake. It was greasy and had a tinge of that awful low quality meat with filler taste, like one of those mass production frozen burgers with the weird wavy shape to it. The rings and fires tasted like food tastes like when it's been left open in the freezer for too long. It may have also picked up something foreign from the fryer oil, but it was downright nasty. Water was good.

Horrible food. Crazy menu. Theme park like decor. Then again to be fair, what do you expect from a restaurant named after a monkey.

2010 Feb 17
Would love to be able to actually comment on the food here, but I cannot. My boyfriend and I dropped by at around 7 on Sunday as we wanted some casual nachos and drinks and it is near to his house.
We waited for almost 15 minutes in the doorway beside the 'Please Wait to be Seated' sign. The bartender and 1 waitress who was serving another table LOOKED at us, but no one acknowledged us. This really got my blood boiling so we left and ate elsewhere. I will never be back.

2007 Mar 2
Hands down! Don't order anything else from the menu.



2015 May 15
Best Nachos in Ottawa! Even if everything else sucks... Get it if you love your nachos absolutely covered in meat and cheese. Hard to finish solo. Drinks are decent, they make a great zombie!

2007 Mar 2
The worst nachos I have ever eaten. DO NOT order nachos. Basically a plate of chips piled high with some cheese and chili poured on top. Sloppy/messy, tasteless, and VERY EXPENSIVE.