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2013 Feb 14
Buddy and I ordered pizza at 1:50 AM last weekend, 10 minutes before close. Considering the time, I didn't expect the best, but the pizza was delievered fast, hot and delicious and usual. I can't recommend this place enough.

edit: it was actually 12:50, they close at 1 am.

2012 Jun 25
I live nearby but never even knew about this place, and had a hard time finding it when I went in for a pick up order on Tourist's recommendation here. It's in behind the Malabar costume shop, the building goes back a ways its not just Malabar. Anyhow, I was not disappointed! My medium combination with olives was thick and pretty loaded. Knife and fork worthy for at least half the slice. Lots of cheese. Reminded me of Carlos. I like dip for my crust, and the garlic sauce was quite good. Mayoish consistency but quite garlicky, and a large portion for the extra 99 cents. The price was decent. For the heavy medium (6 slices, and 2 slices filled me up) and 2 garlic dips it was $21 on pickup and that included 2 canned drinks.

2012 Jun 21
Glad you asked FF.

It's easy to miss this place.. you can't even see it from Merivale road. I was getting read for work the other day and someone stuck a Merivale Pizza menu in the crease of my door. Today I gave it a try.

Thick pie, great crust with lots of crispy baked on cheese, loads of toppings and lots of cheese. Every bite had all three toppings, tasty sauce.

Conclusion: The pizza was heavy, salty, greasy, in a very good way!

2006 Sep 15
When I tried the pizza here more than 10 years ago, it was super thick and loaded with toppings and cheese. Very filling and quite delicious. Has anyone been more recently? ;-)

2008 Jun 16
The pizza is okay, but the nachos are atrocious! They put PIZZA sauce on top of the chips and then put mozzarella on top of that. I have never seen any place even remotely come up with something as gross as this. And on top of that, they cost &8.95. Rip off!