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2009 Sep 4
Seems that Pietro has once again surfaced at the banguet hall previously known as La Contessa, now called Cleo.
Saw an eviction notice last week on his Oversalks (sic) store in Barrhaven.
This man must have more than 9 lives. As far as i know he has been bankrupt several times and keeps on comming back for more.
With the dismal food at Barolo hope he does better with this venture.

2009 Sep 2
Pej's comments on the 1000 Sushi Islands going in where Barolo was reminded me that I have, in fact, been here.

Needless to say, it won't be missed. The food was mediocre, and fairly flavourless and the service, even for a buffet, was sub-par.

2009 Feb 8
Did a little snooping around the Marketplace Mall in Barrhaven this weekend... looks like Barolo Buffet has bit the dust.

I am however excited that Barrhaven is getting a Fratelli's it is always good news when Barrhaven gets another restaurant that isn't one of those big box chains... although the down side is that this another place featuring Italian food (Barrhaven is over-run with Italian places).

2008 Sep 10
I understand that the Barrhaven location (now the only one open) has undergone but yet another change. They are marketing themselves now as the New Barolo Bistro although the references to the Barolo Italian Buffet still exist in their ads.

They ran a full page ad in The Barrhaven Independent newspaper saying their grand opening / ribbon cutting ceremony was happening on Saturday, September 6, 2008.

The ad also featured their menu... which covered the usual Italian assortment of Antipasti, Soups, Salads, Pasta, Veal Dishes, Chicken Dishes and a variety of Mains. (Prices seemed on par with other Italian eateries).

Not sure what if anything has happened to the Buffet option... but I did notice that the new menu offers a "Table D'hote" option with a choice of Appetizer - Soup or Salad - Main Course - Dessert - Tea or Coffee for $ 22.00

2008 May 6

Swung past this weekend, this location appears to be OPEN. Although I went by after-hours there was patio furniture and umbrellas present, as well as a flyer in the window annoucing the Mother's Day Brunch for Sunday, May 11, 2008.

IMO... the Kanata closing is very wierd. From all accounts I thought the Barrhaven location was having troubles, and the Kanata location was the busiest. Perhaps the Kanata closure has a lot to do with the struggling hi-tech sector including the recent closure of Dell, which I would think as a close neighbour was providing them with a lot of customers.

2008 Apr 27
I just swung by the Kanata location this afternoon -- the windows are papered up and there's an eviction notice on the door. I'll remove the "Kanata" tag from this vendor and leave the "Barrhaven" one there. Thanks for the tips. :-)

2008 Apr 27
Oops-didn't even realize there was one in Barrhaven. I was in the little strip mall on Carling in Kanata yesterday and noticed a "for lease" sign. There is a pretty big turnover of restaurants in that little mall.

2008 Apr 27
WC - Ok I too am curious about this "closing". First I have to ask which of the two locations? I know that the Barrhaven one has been struggling (IMO the expansion to Barrhaven was a bad idea, good intentions, but they didn't perceive that there would be significant differences in demographics, but there are... and the location they chose just doesn't work), but last I heard both Kanata and Barrhaven were still open (early April) and that the Kanata location in the heart of the hi-tech district continued to do well. So please tell us more.

2008 Apr 27
Sorry, W.C., but I was at Barolo Buffet for brunch last Sunday and it is still open. I still haven't tried it for supper but the brunch was quite good.

2008 Apr 27
This place has been closed for awhile.