This vendor no longer exists!


Foods from Karma Karma

2008 Jan 9
It's gone - it's been gone for quite awhile, back in October I think.

2008 Jan 8
There's now a Pho place where Karma Karma used to be... have they moved or is it just gone ?

2007 Feb 17
I go to Karma Karma on a regular basis. Why? It's not the best food, but it's cheap! And if you go for the right stuff it's tasty, and the naan is excellent! My tips: avoid anything with meat in it. Not sure why, but the meat seems to be really tough, the sauce is ok but the meat itself is doesn't benefit from sitting around in those buffet tray things.

i love the peas and paneer.

2006 Dec 2
I'm partial to Indian Express Food and Sweets on Wellington which is only delivery and take-out. I am particularly fond of thier butter chicken, which is the tastiest I've sampled in Ottawa. You can also get either baked OR fried naan on request, which I love b/c some days I just want my meal to be a little more deliciously unhealty. Look for an entry on it from me soon with more dish recommendations.
As for Karma Karma, I haven't ordered from them in about a year....because it took them (tah dah!) 1.5 hours to deliver my food last time. So the snow may not have been the only reason.

Karma Karma was the first Indian restaurant I ordered from in Ottawa and I was very inexperienced with Indian food at that time, I think I'd only had it once before. Those first few times I ordered from them, I thought it was great, however after that point, I started trying many other Indian restaurants, and when I came back to sampling Karma Karma a few months later, I was much less impressed and found the food lacked the complexity of flavours, tastiness and quality I had sampled elsewhere. I remember thinking that the butter chicken was quite flavourless, even though I had loved it previously. It seemed to me that it was closer to an Indian fast-food or something, rather than having been made with care.

I also find thier take-out menu confusing - there are combos you can create, such as 2meat+1veg etc., but there are no indications as to which meat or veg dishes are included in the deal - for example tandoori chicken cannot be one of your meat choices, veg. samosas cannot not be one of your veg choices, but that is not indicated anywhere...

I've only ever had take-out from them, the in-house experience may be different.

2006 Dec 2
We ordered from there last night. It took 1.5 hours for the food to come but it was the first storm of the season, and that was a pretty good excuse.

We expected the food to be cold, by the time it got here, but surprisingly it was still hot!

Butter chicken - skimpy on the chicken, but the sauce was very nice and plentiful. Spicier with every bite! I love having just the sauce on white rice, so it's ok for me.

Naan - had been sitting too long...was hard.

Veggie Samosas - bland..too much pastry, not enough filling, *very* greasy.

Papadum - good!

Chicken Tikki Masala - really nice...strong green pepper flavour and not too too spicey.

Very large container of white rice - free.

And some brownish/reddish transluscent sauce in a little container - not sure what it was, but it was tasty!

There was alot of food. Enough for 4 people easily - and around $35.00. For myself and Roomie, we filled up and have enough for tonight as well.

The have an online menu, but it's confusing and we realized, when we went to place the order, that they didn't have some of the things they list on their menu, such as chicken and beef samosas.

There used to be a take-out place on Montreal road in Vanier called Pizza Plus Pizza, which had Indian food and they would deliver almost anywhere in the central/south/east end. The food was always good, hot and fast. Someone told me they moved to Bank under a different name...Someone else told me they became Karma Karma...I'd really like to know the true story behind that.

I won't be ordering here again, but I'd love some reccommedations on where to get good Indian food delivered!