Foods from James Street Feed Co

2007 Dec 13
Recently I had the opportunity to eat at James Street...I hadn't eaten there for years. I was REALLY good and the best fries ever.

The server was a nice young man who was so attentive I thought he may have had a crush on me :) I ordered the california grilled chicken sandwich, which was tasty, but the fries were AMAZING. They were not quite fries and not quite wedges, more like little potato scoops.

The previous version of James Street I was not a huge a fan of, but his re-incarnation can stay! I will eat there again (or at least until they tear the building down).

2007 Apr 11
If I understand the article, this place has been ditched by the original renters, is undergoing renovations, and will re-open as the James Street Pub:

I guess they really want to make it clear that they serve people food rather than farm animal food! ;-)

The weird thing is that the building is scheduled for demolition, probably next year. They owners are just doing this to bide time...

2007 Feb 4
The best bruschetta I've ever had was at James Street Feed Company.

The bread is thick and toasted, with a wonderful mix of tomatoes, oil, green onions, chunky feta, and they use my favourite herb: cilantro!!

I love to sit on their patio in the summer and people-watch.

I don't know how great the rest of the menu is, as I always get the bruschetta.