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2015 Oct 17
This is a great alternative to the big good-quality Chinese restaurants in Ottawa. It's significantly smaller inside, but the portions are a little larger for the same price, and the quality is overall very good. The menu is an interesting mix of Cantonese, Szechuan, and Canadian Chinese items. It's the only place I know that serves pork liver congee, gai lan, and chicken balls!

There's no Crab Meat and Sea Foam soup, but they have a similar enough Superior Seafood soup where the main difference seems to be the addition of copious soft tofu. A Small was perfect for our little family of four. The monkey in the picture was added by me.

The Cantonese Chow Mein is our go-to dish for the kids. The version here was generous and flavourful. Shrimp in Garlic Butter was decadent and loaded with shrimp. We also asked for some Chinese broccoli (gai lan) stir fried with garlic, and it was super tender and took the guilt out of eating the star of the meal... General Tao's Chicken! (comments under that food listing)

Service was friendly and pretty good, especially considering how busy they were. We hadn't been here for many years, but I think we'll return again before too long.

2012 Mar 17
The service was alright during my visit but the dishes I tried were only mediocre at best. I really don’t have much favourable to say about the place but, on the other hand, I wasn’t so turned off that I won’t give it another chance someday.

Dishes: Kung Pao Chicken and Dried Shrimp Roll

Rating 2 stars

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2010 Oct 15
I go here pretty regularly. For price and quality it is the best in Ottawa (IMO). I recently had one bad experience at night but I will just ignore it since I have eaten here too many times to count without problems. I usually organize a group of 20 work friends to go every few months and everyone looks forward to it. Their hot and sour soup is a must have.

I recommend going at lunch if only because I really like the waitresses then ;)

2009 Jun 21
I went there today for a late lunch and it was okay. The tofu & fish hot pot that we ordered was wonderful. It had a nice sauce and a pretty good flavour. We also ordered their steamed oyster with garlic which were huge and decent. The gai lan veggies were cooked well too. They weren't too soggy or overcooked but they had a great crunch and bite. The peking duck was not fresh since the skin was dry and not as crispy as it was supposed to be... however all in all it was a very good meal. Good portions for a fair price. I would definitely go back again and try their other dishes.

2008 Jun 21
Fathers Day! Dad‘s favourite is BBQ Peking style duck so off we went to Chinatown once again. His favourite for takeout is Yang Sheng but we’re eating in and the ambience there is a little(!?) iffy at times. We decided on Jadeland. There were 5 of us —we ended up with enough food to feed 10 but it was all good. We asked for no MSG, spring rolls and BBQ are the only items we cannot have MSG free.
Daughter had just returned from a trip to China and ordered a few different items. We tried a couple of dim sum items:
Rice wrap with BBQ Pork and spices. The pieces of pork were generous and the seasoning subtle.
Rice Wrap with steamed shrimp—shrimp moist, wrap a tad soft and thick, but tasty. This was the least salty &/or seasoned item we had. Note__I had to be unauthentic and use a fork to get this manageable enough to eat! The rice wrap is much thicker than daughter had in Shanghai and Nanjing.
Steamed Rice in Palm Leaf. This was steamed in green tea and had a very distinct tannic flavour. A change for my tastebuds but it grew on me. It had spiced fried tofu bits and some greens—I would highly recommend trying this if you want to try some “un-American” Chinese food and are leery of unknown items!
For more Canadian style Chinese food we each had a spring roll—2 vegetarian and 3 regular with pork/shrimp. Both were light, not too greasy or dark. The veg ones ended up tasting better—lots of dark, flavourful mushrooms. Both had coarsely shredded cabbage and crispy fried onion strips. The pork was very moist and they were chunks, not ground and were big enough to carry a distinct flavour. Different than any I’ve tried around here but possibly the best. The sauces here are plain—plum, hoisin and a vinegary one.
We always order lemon chicken. This one had a slightly heavy batter but the breast was moist and tender. The sauce was thin and not artificially yellow or cloyingly sweet. There were actual lemon slices on top. Daughter tells us she did not have this in China (she also couldn’t read menus as does not speak Cantonese or mandarin) It may not be “authentic” but it sure beats sweet & sour chicken balls!
We order something elsewhere that is called Imperial pork but here it is “Peking Style Pork Chop”. Being a child of the 70’s it sort of reminds me of garlic ribs but not—spicier, less cornstarch, less garlic, less sweet and pork riblets, not ribs. We “unauthentics” love it!
Dishes with vegetables include 1. a special for the day—Steamed Baby Bok Choy with Garlic. This was a large plate of delicious greens, delicately flavoured, a hint of sesame—especially considering garlic was the main seasoning. Good texture. Probably my fav of the day. 2. Fried Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables. This was the fried egg noodles in a slightly oily, sesame scented sauce—lots of water chestnuts, baby corn, bamboo shoots (all canned?), but carrots, green peppers, onions, snow peas and greens also. Not outstanding but we had pretty much ordered this for a “basic” and the noodles were firm and a nicely barely crisp texture. Chicken was steamed, not fried. I didn’t try the Peking BBQ duck (didn’t want to push the MSG problem) but it looked crisp and fresh and all liked it. “Dad” likes the extra sauce at Yang Sheng but IMO there looked like plenty for soaking.
No room for desserts!
Salt Factor—not too bad a few hours later. Here they only offer water if requested but they do keep the complimentary green tea topped up. Very friendly, attentive service. Décor a bit stark and it was noisy when full. Full Chinese drinks menu, a few bottled beer choices, house wine and basic cocktails. They definitely did not add MSG as requested—I know immediately. Good experience, we’ll be back. Oh yes—quite reasonable in price.
Note: they definitely have a different menu for those who want authentic—2 tables close by had a completely different menu and the dishes looked very interesting to say the least!


2015 Oct 17
A good friend recommended the GT's Chicken here as it is his favourite. After trying it I have to agree.. this is awesome stuff! My son and I both loved its balance of sweet-sour-spicy-salty and it's excellent crunch. My wife liked it too but she gives the more subtly flavoured and lightly battered version at Mandarin Ogilvie the edge over this one. Either way, this is an excellent (and large) plate of delicious chicken.