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Hard Rock Cafe
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2013 Jul 16
They are closing Sept 1 as the franchisee is not renewing his lease and/or his franchise agreement. Rumour has it that York St Entertainment is taking it over.

2013 Jul 16
Thought I read an article that they're closing at the end of the month....

2013 Jul 16
Date of Visit: July 6, 2013

The Hard Rock Cafe in Ottawa’s Byward Market is just one in a huge chain of restaurants with locations around the world. Despite the fact that the general culinary theme reflects the American southwest, the empire had its beginnings, I was surprised to learn, in London, England.

The selection of food available in these places is generally family restaurant fare, with the obligatory nachos and Chicken wings, but they also do a bit of a line in smokehouse delicacies as well. In general, the menu is not one that would tempt me especially but the Byward Market restaurant has a nice outdoor patio with a pleasant view and so, on a very hot and humid day, I decided to see what they could do with a steak…

The Food
12oz New York strip with Merlot Butter... Rating: 2 out of 5

Overall: The ambience at Hard Rock Cafe is very pleasant and the staff well trained and efficient. However, my meal was barely mediocre and I do not plan to return any time soon to any of their locations. Nonetheless, I had a fairly nice time there, so I give the place a somewhat grudging 3/5

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2011 Apr 22
I went to Hard rock cafe for the first time and it disappointed sooo bad the service was nice but that great and the food OMG soo nasty the only thing i liked was the sweet potato fries cuz i love sweet potato hence my user name anyways I ordered a steak and it tasted like it was a frozened steak thats reallly salty,cold, over marinated and very ugly presented it looked soo stupid it wasnt one steak but 3 or 4 strip of meat and i asked for medium rare it was blue it was soo nasty I never went back since but good thing I didnt pay for it thanks to a generous friend of a friend of mine

2009 Apr 6
Yuck. Worst place ever. :( I do not recommend AT ALL unless you wanna dish a pretty penny for generic sandwiches.

My french dip sandwich was dry and too salty. My boyfriends club sandwich wasn't really much of a club sandwich, either, he said it was dry.

The cocktails (daiquiri and pina colada) were watered down and not very icy.

The parents got fajitas and pulled pork sandwiches. They said it was good, but I guess we were the unlucky ones?


2011 Apr 22
it was good but I think its too oily and its cutted too thin and you can't really taste sweet potato from one frie you have to grab like 50 however it had tooo much for a side dish