Foods from Friday's Roast Beef House


2011 Apr 15
Yah... ouch. When ADesB is unimpressed, she lets the reader know it.

2011 Apr 15
Do not think I will be visiting after reading that review. Things have not changed since I visited last. Well maybe the location

2011 Apr 14
I read it and I wasn't surprised after hearing of my parent's last visit there. They said everything was ok (they aren't very critical people) and that the food was cold.

2011 Apr 14
This vendor does exist again - please undo that FF

Anyone see the review in today's citizen? Pretty brutal.

2010 Jul 26
Out with the old in with the new. I visited their new location on Somerset (formerly Bokado) last week. I was pleasantly surprised. Service was excellent; patio was nice with good shade. I had the Roast beef dip sandwich, meat was tender and very flavourful, it was served with what was more like gravy then a "jus". Tasty but very salty.. The fries were perfect, fresh and not the frozen type. I had a sneak peak inside and it's a gorgeous space, I would go back for dinner.

2009 Dec 15
I just realized this place was closed. Very sad loss to Ottawa, servicing for over 37 years, and a staple in the Haunted Walk of Ottawa.

Was closed due to 80% increase in rent over the last 10 years.

Link to article here:

2009 Jan 16
Old Peoples food. Again I can't understand how people can rate a restaurant like this so high. I had the king cut prime rib. IT HAD NO TASTE! Not sure how they cook their beef but they need to add some flavour. I looked around and it was a sea of blue hair and grey. I guess when you get old your taste buds dull so any kind of meat tastes great. Ottawans sure need to leave the city and travel a bit to experience really good food then maybe places like this will get an accurate review. Another below average restaurant in Ottawa

2008 Apr 3
The food is very traditional but delicious and the service is impeccable. I used to dine here every year before seeing the Nutcracker at the NAC with my Grandma. :)

2008 Apr 1
Visited on an evening over the Easter Weekend. Four of us (2 couples) had a 7:00 PM reservation and received a warm greeting and were promptly seated. There were four of us, and we had a cozy table by the fireplace. Our waiter was very professional, and made us feel right at home without his being too familiar. As it was a holiday weekend, we decided to start with a sparkling wine. The waiter was again great in his knowledge (so many people have trouble opening the bottles, or do so incorrectly). He even noticed that one of the glasses was not to his liking (it happened so fast, I don’t know what was amiss), so he wisked it away to replace it with another.

We had decided as couples to order from the Table d’hote menu for the evening, the “Fantasy Dinner” as it was so named, featured 3 courses plus a bottle of wine per couple for $ 90 per couple, plus taxes and tip.

While we were sipping our sparkling, the waiter took our wine order and prepped them on a side table. The white was sitting chilled in a cooler, while the red was breathing. It was refreshing to find an Ottawa waiter who was wine savy.

Our first course was a choice between Soup of the Day (cream of tomato) or House Salad. I chose the salad with Friday’s Signature Poppyseed Dressing it was yummy. The “bread server” came around with a selection of warm rolls and butter at just the right time.

The main course choices included: Friday’s Cut of Roast Beef (6oz) with all the trimmings, Prime Beef Ribs, Atlantic Salmon and a Vegetarian dish (there may have been others but I can’t recall). Everyone in our party chose the Roast Beef. At 6oz, some of the men were unsure if the serving was going to be large enough, but when you add on the Yorkshire Pudding, choice of Potato, Medley of Veggies and another round of homemade goodness from the “bread lady”, there was lots of food.

I had my Roast Beef medium, and it was perfect, as was my girlfriend’s which was ordered rare (and rarely comes that way). The potato choices were many, but I settled on roasted, and the veggies were a mix of green & yellow beans, carrots and squash. The Yorkshire pudding was large and airy (although a little dry for my liking, I like mine a little more doughy). The Friday’s Horseradish sauce was a big hit with the gentlemen (very spicy). We chose the red wine, which complimented our roast beef nicely, the other couple enjoyed their white wine equally. (The featured wines were both "safe" French Table Wines).

After our mains, we opted to have dessert and beverages upstairs in the piano bar. The handoff between the two captains was seamless, and our dessert choices were presented in a timely fashion. “The Man” chose the Apple Pie with Warm Spice Sauce, I had the Maple Crème Caramel (Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce was the third possibility). It was nice to relax in the piano bar. All toll a wonderful evening (with no surprises) to celebrate the Easter Weekend with friends, Dinner for 2 (with our share of the Sparkling Wine) with tax & tip came to about $ 150.

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