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2007 Jun 9
seafood pescatore

2007 Jun 9
shrinp and scallop gratinee

2007 Jun 9
zucchini sticks with garlic aioli and mista salad

2007 Jun 9
June 09
f i a m m a
as in many classic vampire tales: "love is older than death."

i loved f i a m m a, an italian restaurant in the outskirts of barrhaven. and at night out of their windows you could speak to the black southern sky 'my god, it's full of stars...'. since last november the owner went kaput and he also owned both hooters locations in ottawa, notorious for their awful overpriced food and extra cheesy female exploitation, which closed shortly before fiamma a few weeks later raising the sign 'under new management'. from a business perspective, i usually find this lingo a vivid symbol of marketing's ecocentric nature and a reflection of the owners' financial woes moreso than the prospects. so approaching with caution and trepidation, taking 8 months later to finally take the risk and be brave to see what the new chefs and the new menus had to offer. the place was packed and thus reservations recommended -- a sign of good prospects. first off, fiamma's infamous 13 layer meat and mushroom lasagna was no longer part of their menu. ouch, the prospects just did a fiery nosedive like a zeppelin. i always found their pizzas not to my liking due to their thick crust and automatically passed. fiamma was known to be strong on their deserts with eccentric presentation and now the desert menu has shrunken.

and so it started with shrimp, scallops and wild shrooms sauteed in garlic butter and cream gratinee which was a surprise flavor explosion. generous amounts of zucchini sticks were fresh and crunchy on the inside, battered perfectly on the outside with their signature insalata mista salad (aka munchkin-sized greek salad) and garlic aioli. the pan seared cod with olives, fresh tomatoes, and white wine with veggies was nice and smooth; however, the tomatoes overpowered the subtle taste of well cooked tender and flaky cod. and for my ultimate test for any joint -- the seafood linguine pescatore. tonight, it was bomb voyage. not only did the server mentioned that they were out of mussels but they were also out of oysters -- cardinal sins. so they opted to add extra shrimp and surf clam. what showed up was a fairly bland experience of garlic white wine sauce with noodles and some seafood thrown which was more michelinas tv dinner than gourmet bon appetit.

the service was excellent indeed! drinks were bottomless, proper etiquette was exhibited, and the servers were all youthful clad in tight formal black dress shirts and low cut black skirts and topped with an impeccable allure of fashion show and hair salons. sounds like too much work to impress but it's more about the social competition among the ladies than to attract patrons' attention.

i would give fiamma another try for their other menu offerings but for now i can now say that love ain't older than death.

2007 Mar 13
Fiamma is a modern-style Italian restaurant tucked away in a nondescript strip mall (is there any other kind?) in Barrhaven.

We had a 7:30 reservation for three and were about five minutes late on a recent Friday night. The place was hopping—it’s not overly large to start with—so we were invited to have a seat at the bar for a few minutes. We had barely started sipping our drinks (mine was a lovely Cosmo) when we were escorted to our table, a nice booth. Although the restaurant was quite busy I did not find it overly loud.

I was feeling adventurous and decided to start with Escargots Gorgonzola. My dining companions both had Shrimps and Scallops Gratinees. It’s a good thing they give you lots of tasty garlic toasts to go with these wonderful appetizers—we soaked up every drop. Divine!

My main was Linguini Carbonara with Proscuitto. It was a bit salty (as proscuitto can be), but delicious nonetheless. Pasta portions are on the small side, which I actually liked because you can have an appetizer and main course without feeling like you’ve overdone it.

Everyone was very happy with their main courses (we all had pasta) and finished it off with very good coffee.

Prices are on the high side, especially if you’re having cocktails and wine. Service was very good up until we received our bill. We had to wait longer than I would have liked for the credit card to be picked up, but hardly a big deal.

Nepean often feels like a food wasteland, so it’s nice to have a "real" restaurant in our neighbourhood that's worth visiting.

Thumbs up!

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2008 Oct 5
Fiamma serves both traditional Martinis and the more popular Martini Cocktail (the girlie ones). In the latter category there are some great choices, beyond the standard Cosmopolitan (which they also do very well).

My current favourite is the Hemmingway Martini which features premium Vodka, White Rum, Cranberry and Pineapple Juices, and is garnished with a couple of frozen cranberries. Very tasty!

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As we haven’t been in much over the summer… we inquired about the Weekend Martini Lounge. We were told that it had been very slow in the summertime (with everyone away or entertaining at home) but there are plans to perhaps start it up again later this Fall. I will keep everyone posted.


2009 Mar 5
The antipasto at Fiamma is decribed in the menu as:
“Traditional Italian Meats, Pickled Veggies, Roasted Red Peppers, Garnished Appropriately.”

I for one am unsure if this dish is prepared on site (ie the Roasted Red Peppers) or if it is a case of a variety items that are purchased "as is" and then combined by the kitchen and presented on a nice plate or platter… I do know that the “garnishes” can change from visit to visit… although generally the plate includes the aforementioned Italian Meats, Pickled Veggies, Roasted Red Peppers, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Olives… the two items that seem to not be standard, and sometimes are included and other times are missing is the hard boiled egg and the fresh mozzarella (bocconcini). I must say I am a tad disappointed whenever the cheese is absent.

But overall, “The Man” and I love this plate… so much so, that often times we will order a salad with the small plate, or just have the large platter served with a side of the warm bread and a couple of glasses of red wine… makes a nice light dinner.

EDIT - I should also add that the portions are quite large (good value) and most of the time we take home leftovers.