Carrots Buffet Boutique
Foods from Carrots Buffet Boutique


2018 May 7
Thanks to pasta lover for adding this business, I've been meaning to but hadn't gotten around to it.

Carrots Buffet Boutique is a pretty good spot competing in the same space as Olly's and Marcello's.

The buffet is, I believe, $1.89 per 100g, which makes it a bit cheaper than the Marcello's I've been to (I think Marcello's is like... $2.09 or $2.19 per 100g?

But if you are a snacker or eat lunch late, at 2pm, the buffet becomes half price. The fish is dried out at that time but the chicken and pork are still good. And you can splurge on those heavy expensive carbs like Mac and Cheese or pierogi.

Where Carrots really shines is the breakfast. They have a breakfast buffet, which is pricey if you like carbs but if you are on a keto diet, bacon at $1.89 per 100g cooked and ready for you is not bad.

As Pasta lover mentioned, they also have a counter and they do sandwiches, bagels and breakfast platters there. For $5.25 (less than $6 all-in), you can get 2 eggs your way, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, homefries (soft kind, not deep fried) and beans. Sooooo good.

Note that for my image, I asked for the beans to be placed in a separate cup. Their usual method is to put the beans in the styrofoam beside the potatos and everything ends up mixing with that bean sauce.

Anyway, this place is one of my go-tos for afternoon snacks and breakfasts.

Edit: As of June, the price of the old fashioned breakfast platter has increased to $6.99 (plus tax).

2018 May 3
I went to the Carrots Buffet Boutique for lunch with a friend yesterday. My friend has been there for lunch a few times and highly recommended it for their nutritious yet tasty food. The resto has two buffets set up – one for hot foods and the other one for salads. They have some refrigerators going around the perimeter of the restaurant for fruit salads, yogurts, beverages, premade sandwiches, etc. They also have a counter at the back where you can order soups and custom made wraps. They also have a small eating area at the front of the resto.

I headed over to the hot buffet and took a couple of pieces of roast chicken, salmon, rice, and grilled vegetables. The salads and soups looked good too. The chicken was delicious and the rice was also very good. The grilled vegetables tasted more like they had been steamed since they were moist and didn’t have that tell-tale crispiness that grilled veggies usually have. The salmon was on the dry side but fish doesn’t keep well under heat lamps so I will keep in mind to pass over the salmon on my next visit. I found it a little pricey though since everything is sold by weight so you have to take smaller portions to keep the price affordable. I will probably go back since I enjoyed my first meal and I would like to try the salads next time but future visits will probably be not so frequent due to the price.